Where and how to report incidents


This statement is from 2010, the latest action taken by the EPA. It lists how to report both for you and your veterinarian and much more information about packaging changes, etc…

Another useful link: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/flea-and-tick-product-risks-and-recalls
Scroll down to article entitled “How to Use Pet Flea, Tick Products Safely” by By Lisa Wade McCormick, 6/1,2010

4 thoughts on “Where and how to report incidents”

  1. Our group rescued a darling 1 week old puppy found on an ant hill, cleaned her up, gave her fluids and started on Hartz milk replacer. She took to the bottle immediately. She fed every 4 hours and had good poop. I bought the product at the local Wal-Mart. After a week, Pia went into foster care and started peeing blood. We rushed her to the emergency Vet and found she had a horrible intestinal infection and the Vet recommended immediate euthanasia. We are all just crushed to let this sweet little seemingly healthy puppy die in such pain…on her last night she was howling the pain was so bad. One thing we discovered was the product on the shelve at Wal-Mart had expired in March of 2013 (printed in very small numbers, we bought the product June 15, 2013) and we had not heard of the warnings that this product was dangerous. But as I think back, every kitten and puppy we have rescued and put on this product has not survived. We just assumed it was because they got a bad start but now we know it is the milk replacer. WHY is this product still on the market? As a rescue group, we work so hard to save these little critters and then to lose them in this senseless way is unbelievable. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED! Sharon Smith, CEO/President Feral Feline Retreat, Houston, Tx

  2. Gave my cats the flea spot med four days ago today I buried three cats why are these people and the FDA still in business

  3. I have 2 cats that are under 2 years old that have ended up with kidney issues. Raven is currently very sick and won’t last much longer since his kidney’s have shut down. Hemingway is a little better and seems to be on the upswing. I couldn’t figure out what happened since I have never had a cat with kidney issues before then I realized that it was the Hartz Flea medicine that I bought and put on them. Now that it has been 4 months is there anything I can do to help them?

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