2 yo 75lb Labrador/Springer Spaniel Mix

I applied Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick drops for dogs and puppies 60 lbs and over to my 75lb lab mix at 10pm yesterday. Its been a full 24 hours now and no side effects have occurred. Just recently I looked the brand up and saw this website. So I see that it is harmful and sometimes deadly to lots of cats and mostly small dogs. So I was wondering is it even somewhat harmful to a bigger dog like mine? I already washed him several times to get it off of him but its already been 24 hours. Is he going to be okay even though he has had NO side effects yet or should I stay up with him and watch him? I’m really worried please help. Does anyone know how late till side effects start? Even though I washed him he still has greased spots along his back from the medication.

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  1. I recently gave this to my cat as well, she started to have a bad reaction so I looked it up and also found this site. I washed it off immediately and she seemed to be back to normal the next day. If your pup hasn’t had a reaction yet, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to, I doubt this effects every single animal negatively. I would keep washing, especially since he still has a grease spot, I used a safe dish soap on my cat and it took all of the medication off of her with 2 washed. Also just keep a really close eye on him for a while for any different behavior and bring him to the vet if you’re worried.

  2. I have used the same product on my pit bull/shepherd mix several times (about 70 pounds) with no adverse side effects. I think if your dog has gone this long with no problems, it will be OK.

  3. Just FYI,

    According to the Vet that treated my cat, who almost died, You can only get the product off with dishwashing liquid such as Dawn. It strips the oils from their skin.

  4. I have been using it on all 5 of my dogs from a dachshund to a 90lb pit bull/great dane mix for 10 months now. Obviously, there have been no side effects and it’s worked better than Advantage and Frontline. I’m assuming they fixed the problem or that there are certain dogs who just can’t have this product. My mom’s chuhuahua got a large burn from Advantage a few years ago and won’t ever use this type of flea protection. Always start with a small amount and make sure it isn’t anywhere the dog can lick.

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