1 year old GSD

Hello, I purchased hartz ultraguard flea and tick for my one year old german shepherd trying to save money, not knowing that it was so harmful until I typed it in online and found numerous cases of serious problems. I applied it around noon and it is now 11 PM with no signs of side effects but I am still worried to death about her. I immediately washed her 3 times with dawn soap approx. 30-60 minutes after application. Does anyone know how long it will take to show side effects or should I stop worrying and just never use this awful product again?

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  1. you did the right thing, just make sure she has plenty of water and watch for drooling, throwing up or unusual behavior. she should be fine. make sure you wash all bedding regularly, vacuum your house every three days and give regular baths with lots of mild shampoo, that should keep the fleas under control. or ask your vet for Rx stuff if you still really have a problem. good luck! (also, feeding brewers (not bakers) yeast mixed into a dog’s food will discourage fleas (and old-time remedy but it changes the way their blood smells.)

  2. How is your dog doing? Keep us updated please!

    Most of what I have seen on here is anywhere from immediate to a week. Be assured that you are doing all the correct things in that you bathed her and are actively observing her. Hartz also makes Sergeant and BioSpot so, yes, definitely do not use those products.

    You can either return it where you purchased or go to http://www.Hartz.com and get a refund for any reason. If you see symptoms call the veterinarian immediately and have an after hours emergency vet number on hand.
    You can also try getting your girl to consume some extra fluids to ease your worries since this is important in reactions because dehydration occurs.

    Here are a few web links that you might find helpful:

    Browse around the various links for information.

    “Flea and Tick Ingredients What You Should Know”

    “Pets and pesticides: Let’s be careful out there”

    Google will reveal many more informational sites for you, too.
    Best wishes!

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