I believe my kittens were killed by Hartz Milk Replacer

I wish I had known the horrible stories about Hartz Milk Replacer for kittens before I had given it to my babies.I rescued 5 little girls after their mother passed away.I was feeding them milk replacer from my vet,and one afternoon I ran out.So I went to Walmart and bought Hartz precision nutrition milk replacer not knowing that days later I will lose three of my girls.Last Wednesday my girl named Charmin and on Thursday my girl Phyllis were put to sleep.And yesterday afternoon my girl Dottie had to go and be put down also. The symptoms are the same as I have been reading on here. Vomiting,off balance,falling over when trying to walk,unconsciousness,glassy stare,and unresponsive. My vet thought it was hypoplasia not thinking it could of been the milk they were drinking. My babies were 5 weeks old doing great until I fed them that milk. Then yesterday afternoon I thought what if it is the milk. I never in my wildest dreams would of thought I would of found this website,and people with the same thing as I went through. The guilt I feel is unbelievable. Sure you can say I didn’t  know that the milk was gonna kill my babies,but it doesn’t change the fact that the guilt will always be there. Why is this product even allowed to be on the shelves. How many other people will go through what I went through and not realize it is the very product that they thought was gonna help their kittens. Hartz needs to be taught a lesson. If there is anything I can do I am there to help. I don’t want others to suffer like I have.

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  1. There must be something or someone that can do something about this product. The Food and Drug Administration should get involved, after all, our pets are important and should not be victims of these killer product’s from Hartz. My story was on this websie last year when I lost my 1 year old cat called “Baby”.
    My Vet tried for 5 days to save. The charges were $486.00. Thanks Hartz, “You Murderer” Pass the word people, post it on your facebook and send messages to your email contacts and ask everyone to do the same. Stop these killers. I will never use this product again. Go to your Vet for your animals meds and flea solution, please.

  2. So sorry for your loss. My kitten almost died from this formula, same exact symptoms. The morning I found this website he couldn’t see anything, could only wobble in circles and was walking into walls and throwing up. I stopped the formula and he immediately recovered and has grown into a healthy adult. This makes me sick that this product continues to kill animals for profit

  3. I have used these products many many yrs ago and have some kitties die after bathing in flea shampoo but never thought then about being product and probably was. I then thought was just something else but couple yrs ago had week old kitten I found all by its self and called vet for advice and was told not to use pet supplement to use goats milk in can from baking section of grocery store. Mix half and half with water. Told me never use pet supplement at all. Have done with several animals and all have thrived including a wild baby hare. Just for your future knowledge. Am so sorry for all who have lost their precious pets to this horrible company’s products

  4. I’m sorry about your kittens, that’s really horrifying. Now I’m really worried. I found this site while looking up how to make kittens go to the bathroom, not 30 minutes after feeding them with Hartz Milk Replacer. 4 kittens were found in my friend’s yard and their mother was found dead a few days later (possibly hit by a car, I haven’t been told the full story), and I’m keeping them for the night so they don’t freeze. One ate some soft food but 3 only had the milk from a bowl. It wasn’t a lot, and they will be going to a vet tomorrow, but now I’m really scared.

  5. Just left the vet after 5 hours of heartache. The story-4 rescued kittens of 3 weeks old-currently 5 weeks old and have been on bottles and milk replacer and doing GREAT since their rescue 2 weeks ago-Same old story-ran out of replacer-ran to store and got what they had-Hartz powdered kitten milk replacer-expiration is 2014(forgot month). Anyway, all ate and several hours later -3 of them crying non stop , wobbling(obvious neuro symptoms),falling over,one had emesis, trying to climb anything as if to get away-uncontrollable and unconsolable and GLASSY EYED. And then two became extremely lethargic and appeared close to death-charcoal given to all of them-Blood sugars over 200. And suddenly, one by one, they all returned slowly to their former selves, and now, we’re heading home with them from the vets emergency office-$500.OO plus dollars later-beautiful kittens,now all sad looking and extremely worn out-NEVER,NEVER, NEVER again will I use this milk replacer-we think they didn’t get enough(just one feeding) to do unreversible damage and one kitten already was returning to normal before the charcoal was given-what is in this stuff anyway-its almost like an acute allergic response which will eventually kill if continued use occurs-I am going to have it analyzed if at all possible-maybe at the local university-any ideas where to get analysis done-This stuff is deadly! Julie 701-306-4707

  6. Currently I have 3 kittens approximately 4.5-5 weeks old that were brought home on Friday by my husband who found them in the engine compartment of a skid steer/bob cat machine at work. I ran to the store that evening to grab whatever KMR I could find to feed them immediately. Honestly, my husband and I vowed to never purchase a Hartz product ever again, because he had worked there for 8 short months and the place was a complete joke. This was literally a ‘these kittens need to eat, get me something’ kinda thing. 24 hours (this past Sunday evening) after starting this formula, the first kitten showed the same signs I’m reading about online – limp, lethargic, wobbly gait (if walking at all), unresponsive, glossy eyes, blank stare, etc. My vet was baffled. She came out of it within hours and several times of vomiting and acted like a normal kitten the next morning. I honestly wasn’t sure she was going to make it through the night. Then on Tuesday morning my mom was at my home watching my human kids (haha!) and text me saying that the little boy was now showing the same symptoms. He was like that for 2 hours and snapped out of it…back to his normal self. He did this again yesterday (Wednesday) from 1-3:20pm. No vomiting this time, but otherwise the exact same symptoms. After a trip to the vet and researching and researching, it hit me, check the food! I have found review after review complaining of this KMR formula! I called my mom, as she’s watching them today while I work and she ran out immediately to purchase the PetAg KMR that is highly reco’d. So they’re officially off this food now and fingers crossed the symptoms never return. Amazing that days of researching diseases in kittens never surfaced a single symptoms that mimics what’s happening to these guys, but checking into reviews on the Hartz KMR provides the same exact symptoms almost exactly in most cases!

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