PetSmart couldn’t care less about our pets!!!

I recently used Hartz flea drops on my cat and consider myself one of the lucky ones!!! Although he had minor side effects, it could have been MUCH worse from what I read on this site and others. I contacted PetSmart and got the generic stamped response. I figured contacting Hartz would be a waste of time since they clearly couldn’t care less so I thought contacting the vendor would help remove the product from the shelves at the very least. Please read below and think really hard before you give this company your money!!
Dear Lauren,
Thank you for emailing us about the Hartz Flea Drops.
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Customer comments do allow us to change and improve to meet this goal. We have forwarded your email to our merchandising team. Although we cannot promise that the item will be changed, they will take your comments into consideration.
Again, thank you for your comments regarding this product. If we can be of any additional service, please do not hesitate to ask.
PetSmart Customer Care
Phone: 1-888-839-9638


To: [email protected] recently purchased Hartz flea drops to prevent fleas on my cat and was horrified. My cat started salivating a couple of hours after and became either depressed or lethargic. I felt unsettled and went online to do some research on the product and couldn’t believe what I found. The amount of cats that have died or have suffered seizures is unacceptable. What I find more unacceptable is that PetSmart sells this garbage in its stores. I went into PetSmart with a sense of confidence when I asked the sales person to assist me with purchasing flea drops for my cat, but by bedtime it changed to regret and disgust. I will longer purchase any products sold by Hartz and by PetSmart as it says a lot about a company that will sell poison to pet owners. And I am doing my damnedest to spread the word to every pet owner I know. Since Pet Smart does not conduct it’s business with a conscience, I will make it my priority to inform the public of the murderous Hartz products and the company from which I purchased it from. Even if it saves one animal from being exposed to this toxic product, it’s well worth it!! All my future purchases will be from my vet, regardless of price. I cannot put a price on my pet’s life, but apparently PetSmart can!!

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  1. This is not directed at you in particular – just a general comment.

    NEVER use ANYTHING (Hartz is just one of the crap brands out there) that contain pyrethrins or permethrins on or around cats. EVER. I learned this the hard way, 23 years ago. I nearly lost a kitten from it.

    In this day and age – I am surprised people don’t know this. Maybe it’s just because I am a crazy cat lady, but I always thought this was common knowledge now. I have a friend right now who has a foster kitty (she’s likely to keep him) that has scabs all over him and permanent nerve damage causing his head to tilt to one side – from a damn flea collar. He was at our shelter, but that is what we suspect happened to him. Poor little is going to take a while to heal with the scabs – but the head tilt may be permanent.


    I won’t even use them on my dogs.

    And honestly – I NEVER use anything by Hartz, Sargent’s, or any other cheapo otc brand. Notoriously poor quality. The ONLY product I’ll use from Kaytee is one of their plain paper beddings for my mice – because it is the lowest dust formula I can find. And that is it. My critters are my kids, only the best.

  2. Frisky,
    I understand your frustration. I am on here tonight because of my cat Coco who just was dosed with some Hartz Flea and Tick drops plus + a few days ago and she has lost a tremendous amount of hair from her application area. She looks like the other recent cat post who suffered chemical burns from a flea collar.

    Anyway, from a legal standpoint I just have to comment that you are blaming the wrong company and it will get you nowhere. PetSmart as a middleman retails products and Hartz manufactures them. Hartz is the only one to blame here and you didn’t even bother contacting them according to your own statement.

    Here is why you are in the wrong by complaining ONLY to Petsmart: PetSmart or any retailer trusts their sources just like you do. When you buy groceries or medicines you expect them to be safe. When PetSmart or any other retailer buys merchandise from its suppliers (because other customers expect them to sell it even if you don’t) they trust that the manufacturer is producing a safe product based on what they have been told-just like you rely on what you are told when purchasing products.

    Now, I am not making any apologies for their terribly generic reply to you-it was also understandable. Randall is only a customer service rep. with limited job authority and he did all that he could for you within the limitations of his job description. If you are dissatisfied with that response I urge you highly to go further up the management chain if you want to effect a change. Complaining to Randall or any other “first contact” employee will get you no where since they have no authority to grant the change that you seek. You can readily find out who is in charge and mail them a certified letter via snail mail with a return receipt. That will get you the needed attention and some answers. You should refer to this site or others in your letter and be politely but plainly specific about what you want to happen. Do not write to them in anger as you did here- it will get you in File 13. Tell PetSmart or other retailers that you contact that you want the problem product removed and that their reputation is at stake. The internet makes the whole world a small town these days. Also, complain to Hartz or any animal safety government entities. I understand that you are hurt, your beloved cat is injured and you need to vent out of anger and frustration so if you really want to effect change – speak out in the correct way. Complaining on public message boards will give you zero results when it is clear that you are dragging in innocent third parties.
    That may not sit well with you but that is my honest opinion.
    I hope that if you read this you will think about what I have said when the anger passes and be an advocate for your cat. He needs you to speak for him in an appropriate and effective manner. If you choose not to advocate, you are a wiser consumer. I fell into the exact trap that you did; I trusted a well known brand name for my pet- Hartz. I bought mine at Wal-Mart, by the way, but I am not holding Wal-Mart responsible for what happened to my sweet girl. They just sold it. I bought it, I used it and Hartz made it. They, Hartz, bear the responsibility burden because, like you, it was reasonable of me to expect that the product was safe and approved. As for me, I am returning the unused portion along with a letter directly to Hartz as it states on the back of the box. If I only return it to Wal-Mart, I will accomplish nothing. I wish you the best of luck and hope that your boy is doing well now.

  3. I would contact Hartz. Last summer we almost killed our cat with this garbage and I called them. They did not really do much, sent me a check for the replacement price but I was ranting and calling them murderers. Maybe hearing enough of that will give at least one of them their soul back. I also carry post its in my purse and leave notes on the products at the stores.

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