Is Hartz hairball shampoo for cats dangerous?

I have seen posts all over the internet about the Hartz flea and tick stuff being really dangerous for pets. I will never use anything off the counters for fleas or ticks on my pets, only the stuff I get from the vet. However, I haven’t seen anything about the Hartz shampoo for hairball control for cats. Is it dangerous? Has anyone had an experience with this? Please answer, I am worried because I didn’t really know about how dangerous Hartz can be until after I gave my cat a bath.

6 thoughts on “Is Hartz hairball shampoo for cats dangerous?”

  1. If it has “Hartz” on the label, it’s dangerous. That product specifically might not be dangerous, but giving money to Hartz is a bad move.

  2. What’s in the shampoo?
    If it contains essential oils such as tea tree, it’s toxic for cats. D-limonene is also toxic & is present if citrus is mentioned. Does it contain any harsh ingredients? Check the EWG website for a rundown on ingredient safety.

    How does it control hairballs? Any cat safe shampoo will help loosen dead fur. Does the Hartz product contain some type of follicle damaging chemical to release fur from skin?

    If ingredients aren’t listed, don’t use it. If you call for ingredients & all they give you is an MSDS list that just says types of chemicals (such as coconut based surfactant) without naming the specific chemical, don’t use it.

    1. This hairball control killed my beloved cat last night and I’ve been doing research ever since. You are right to say stay away from all hartz products! We are devastated!!

      1. It killed my cat too. I was so sad and didn’t even think about it being the shampoo until a vet tech I was talking to said that some shampoos could be dangerous. I googled and found this website.

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