Hartz flea & tick collar chemical burn [photos included]

This story & photos came in via email from Angela:

“I will NEVER use another Hartz pet product again!!! I bought flea and tick pet collars for my pets and this one must have had a chemical burn happening to my cat I didn’t notice right away.  My son went to pet the cat and thought he felt something on the cats neck and sure enough this is what we found! Took his collar off to find this burn from ear to ear!  I PRAY this doesn’t cause any permanent damage! I am NOT a happy camper and other will see pics and know what this product has done to my cat so it will not happen to others if I can help it! I sprayed his neck with pet hydrocortisone spray hoping that will help. Will have to call the vet in the morning!”





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  1. OMG that is one nasty chemical burn. You can also use Neosporin on it. I can’t believe that Hartz could look at this and not feel so guilty. Let us know what your Vet says. Give the cat an extra hug from me.

      1. Hahahahaha hat did you do for your dog. I tried a seresto flea collar in my dog and her throat is completely irritated and it is bulging out if the skin and inflamed. It’s not quite as bad as those cat pictures but I’m afraid if she keeps scratching at it, it will become that way.

      1. Did you put anything on it? I have a different collar on but the same thing happened – is happening. I took the collar off but it’s raw. My vet is closed now and I don’t know if there is anything to put on it.

    1. I been using these collars on my cats n this time she had it on like for 2 weeks n noticed last night she has a chemical burn it’s nasty to :(. My other cat is fine tho

    1. How long did it take to heal? This happened to one of my cats last week. I have some hot spot anti itching spray I put on him once. If it’s a chemical burn not sure if I want to put it on him again.

        1. I just seen it on my cat today too and it is really bad! I think I even see part of her tissue and all I am very pissed off and she is so scared she won’t let me remove it cause it is stuck to her I am very upset!

          1. How did you treat this? Just noticed a small spot on my cat. I heard oatmeal bath, shave the area of fur, and apply neosporn.

  2. Oh I am so sorry! I gave my girl a dose of Hartz Flea and Tick Drops plus + about a week ago and the back of her neck looks almost the same but from the drops. She has lost a huge chunk of hair. I bathed her to remove it and am treating it with Neosporin as Andrea mentioned above. It is healing but I am hopping mad at Hartz!

  3. Looking at the wounds, I don’t think it was the flea collar. It looks like an embedded collar was the cause. Unless you had the flea collar on too tight? Why would you wait another day to take the obviously in pain cat to the Vet? But you had time to type a long winded story. The wounds could get so infected that it could kill your cat. That would take a long time for a wound on the neck to look like that. You must have had the collar on for a long time, embedded in the poor cat’s neck.

    1. OMG! do you work for HARTZ? shame on you she did nothing wrong but try to inform us are the dangers of HARTZ products.
      I just use the drops on both of my cats. one of them is fine the other has a big chunk of fur missing between his shoulder blades and it’s scratching like he has triple the Fleas he began with. Disappointed, Guilt-ridden, and thru The roof angry. looking to see if there’s a class action suit pending against them!

    2. This very thing is going on with my cat right now! His collar was not tight. I would make sure I always check, you could put two fingers in between. Today I noticed my cat has a burn just like this on his neck. So it is from the flea collar and is a chemical burn. And I am so upset about it.

      1. I am at the vet as we speak right now for the same problem.
        Having to sadate him to clean wounds. Just bought collar a week ago. Fit three fingers under collar not too tight. Vet bill is almost $300. Any one know if there is a law suit?

        1. I have to take my cat to the vet also because I used this product. Followed the directions exactly. Used the drops. My cat only had a few fleas about 5 days ago. I know because I used a flea grooming brush on her prior to application of drops. Brushed her about 30 mins, found 4 fleas. I noticed the very next day, her neck was dry, red and inflamed. She has lost the fur on her neck from these chemical burns. Crazy thing is, she has a ton of fleas now! AND chemical burns, missing patches of fur. This is going to cost a lot of money at the vet. I’m a single mom, already barley making it. I don’t know what to do to help her. So sad. Russian Blue Tabby, beautiful coat looks like she has some kinda disease now. Not to mention the pain she must be in.

        2. 1 week into using the Hartz collar in my cat and just now i found his neck has burning wounds. It was quite lose and the wounds are not extremely bad, I thank God for having seen it now, but still I can imagine how this must feel for my poor cat. Just took it off from him now, don’t know how to treat the burning. This Hartz company should be sued, there has to be a law suit!

    3. I used a different but similar product, collar was on 2 weeks, it was not too tight and produced the same type of wounds. If you don’t really know what you are talking about why don’t you leave people alone!

    4. My cat has been acting fine so what ever. I only noticed when I was petting her neck and by the way she only hade it on for about 2 weeks as if us pet owners would have let this happen if we could have prevented it

    5. Dear Angela, I am so sorry. How terrible. Poor kitty. It looks so painful. I know. I hope your little one is okay !!
      (As for Katt1— In my opinion, and I am not name calling, just stating the obvious. Are you an idiot or just a jackass ??
      You don’t know the circumstances, you weren’t there !! )
      I applied Revolution, correctly, on the back of my Little Boy Kitty on Saturday March 10th, 2018. When we woke up on Monday, he had a huge burn on his neck that is oozing liquid. It looks like what was on the kitty in the picture.
      I called the vet to see what I should do, but so far, no reply.
      They want me to bring him in, which is a good idea, but I don’t have the money.
      I have a sick child, with Lupus and other health issues, and the money is just not here !!!
      ( Katt1 or anyone else…. Before you judge me, I did NOT bring this cat home. My nephew rescued him and his sister. Whoever had them had probably abused them because they were under a year old, and had multiple broken bones.
      All of the shelters were FULL of kittens because it was “kitten season”.
      And what if someone needed a pet for companionship, and didn’t have the money?? And were doing their best??
      You are not a very nice person !!
      If you want to judge someone, judge the people that get cats, don’t spay them, and let them run !!!! )
      I am putting Neosporin on my Little Boy, but it seems like it is getting worse. It is still oozing, and he won’t stop scratching, which is making it worse !!
      He has respiratory problems too, and it is making that worse !! Little Boy Kitty is stressed, I am stressed, and that is making his sister, Little Girl Kitty stressed !! She has breathing problems too and stress makes it worse.
      If his burn doesn’t get any better, real soon, I will have to overdraw money at my bank, to get him into the vet, which will be very bad, for many reasons !!

    6. You have no idea what you are talking about…. I just found the same thing on my dog but with a different brand and the collar has only been on less than a week and loose enough to go over her head. Shame on you for condemning her with your judgement when you have no idea .

    7. This happened to my cats. I put them on this past Monday made sure that I could fit 2 fingers between the collar and my babies’ necks and noticed the burns today, Friday. 4 days. It’s a burn. Not embedded or tight collar.

    8. I had said the same thing as you when my sister posted a warning about these collars on FB, then two days later found one of my three cats has a nasty wound on her throat. I never put the collars on tight, as I wouldn’t want them to strangle if they were caught on something by it, they need to be able to escape the collar easily. Before this, I have always trusted the Hartz products, but I now will never chance using their products again.
      Just recently my sister posted a warning about the Hartz flea collars for cats leaving horrible wounds on cats necks. I didn’t think much of it as I had used this brand for decades and never had a problem, until now. I noticed one of my cats was trying to lick her throat and took a closer look and she had a large wound on her throat from the collar. I took all the collars off my 3 cats and one dog and threw them away. I never put the collars on tight, so they can escape them if they get snagged, they were always 3-4 fingers loose, so it wasn’t for that reason. I’m sure it’s a chemical burn from a combination of the chemicals and the metal fixture that holds the plastic buckle. I will never buy another product from Hartz again, ever! They once were a trusted company, but not anymore.

  4. The same thing happened to our cat quite a few years ago. We used a flea collar on her and like you didn’t notice that anything was wrong until our son was petting her a few days later. We took the collar off right away and threw it away. We cleaned her neck gently with warm water and kept polysporin on the raw skin until it healed. Luckily there was no scaring and her fur grew back in. I felt so bad that we hadn’t noticed sooner. And to the person who accused you of having the collar so tight it was embedded in the neck – we didn’t have the collar on tight. I was taught since I was a child to always make sure you can get at least three fingers between the collar and the animal’s neck – most times I do four fingers just to be sure. So the collar wasn’t tight. It was a chemical burn. It looked almost exactly like your cat’s neck. Use either the polysporin or neosporin, that’s what the vet told us to use. Just make sure that your cat doesn’t scratch it open when it starts healing and the scab gets itchy.

  5. @ Katt1-she prob didnt take the cat to the vet right away because in some towns-like mine- its appointment only or certain times for walk ins and maybe some ppl just cant afford a trip to the emergency room. I just bought this product and it stopped the itching and didnt cause burns but I use it very sparingly,now Im not sure Im gonna use it all-thanks for posting!

  6. This just happened to our dog! We discovered it last night when we were petting him! I was hard to see, as he is an incredibly furry dog and does not exhibit pain symptoms.
    @Katt: I think you comment is incredibly disrespectful. We also have to wait to see the vet, as our clinic is not open on Sundays and I prefer to see his usual vet, as our dog also suffers from an autoimmune disorder. And, no, the collar does not need to be “imbedded in the fur”, as you stated. Our dog had his collar on and the flea collar on, both very loose, and it still happened. I will never use this product again on our dog. Thank you for posting these pictures of your cat, to get the word out to other pet owners! Good luck and a speedy recovery to your cat!

  7. There must be something we all can do to stop our animals from ending up like this this product needs to be taken off the market. I am going to e-mail them until they are sick of me.This there is no excuse for.

  8. @Katt1…We have the same results from the Hartz flea and tick liquid so don’t discount what the other person was saying about the Hartz flea collar… We noticed a dime size redness a few days after we treated him with the flea liquid. Thought it was because he didn’t like the medicine, first time we he had flea medicine and was licking it (which we stopped him when we seen him doing it. Now it is 5 days later and he has lost all his hair in that spot with bright red, swollen area being the size of a 1/2 dollar now! We are now washing it daily and applying neosporin…according to our vet this should work. If we do not notice a change he goes to the vet on Tues…

  9. I Have a 2 yr old Pitbull. I have been using hartz from the day i got him.. I recently gave him a bath and applied some of the liquid on his back.. the next day i noticed his hair didnt look normal, so i was using my hand and rubbed him and notice that he was full of red bumps and very tender looking.. it looks as if he got a chemical burn from the drops this time.. i have been treating him with benedryl and it is now on day 4 and it has seemed to have went away.. I will NEVER use hartz again.. i am not a very happy dog owner.. I dont understand why it did this after using for 2 yrs..

  10. I have always bought my cat & dog flea medicine at the Vets office.
    For the first time ever I bought Hartz from Walmart, for my cat. Unfortunately I didn’t research Hartz beforehand. My cat has suffered a chemical burn on the back of his neck. It breaks my heart! The skin is bright red, blistery, and his hair has fallen out where the drops were placed. I will be returning the rest of the “poison” and posting anywhere I can about this dangerous product. Hartz! Be forewarned you are next ony list to contact. How dare you sell such a product!

  11. We put the Hartz flea collars on 6 days ago onto 3 cats…wish I’d known sooner! All 3, none of them related in any way, have the burns. One is pretty mild, just a quarter sized spot of missing fur and slightly irritated skin, one is all the way around his neck in a perfect stripe with missing skin and medium irritation, and the other goes from ear to ear and has progressed to a “V” about 3 inches down his chest! They weren’t too tight, either. The cat that is affected the worst, we had to PEEL the collar off of him from the oozing and we did that at day 4, but the other 2 looked ok, so we figured just an allergy. The other 2 just have thicker fur and it took a little longer, I guess. I bought them at Walmart, still have the receipt, and they will be getting the collars back along with a pic of all 3 cats so they can see the damage a product that they sell does! Hartz will also be hearing from me, and I have heard there is a class-action lawsuit filed that I will be checking into! Absolutely furious!

  12. THis happened to our baby girl. Collar not tight and not left on long it was only maybe 3 days. My son noticed it and I took it off right away. We washed it down and started to heal but it is still bad. What is the lawsuit and can we get in on this? My poor furbaby and her neck I feel horrble for what it has done to her.

  13. i put topical treatment 2 days ago and now my cat is missing fur and has a dime sized burn..i am angry..i washed her and are treating her with neosporin with pain relief…they have to stop selling this crap..

  14. My cat has a very bad burn on her neck, guess what its from? Hartz ultraguard flea collar! What the heck? Collar WAS NOT tight and she DID NOT even wear this collar for a whole month!! I am ANGRY.. I’ve used the flea drips on both my cats and dogs and I’ve never had this happen before, these collars need to be taken off shelves!

  15. Do you have a question about a Hartz product that was not addressed in our FAQs? If you have not found an answer in our FAQs, please write to us or call our hotline.

    Write to us
    Consumer Affairs and Information Center
    The Hartz Mountain Corporation
    400 Plaza Drive
    Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA

    Call us
    Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST
    If you think your pet needs medical attention, please contact your vet immediately.
    Send us an email

    1. I decided to take the collar after 6 days because I was not certain (to begin with) that my always indoor cat had fleas or ticks. Was SHOCKED to my core to see the burn left when the collar was especially under the neck. I was maintaining at least 2 fingers of gap and sliding the collar around her neck about every day. I cant afford the vet so Im treating it with corticosteroids. She left me clean it gingerly with warm water and soft cloth so Ill continue this and hope for a good outcome. BUT MY GOD you must take this off the shelves and send us some vet Fees so we can have the pros make sure our pets are ok. Its not our fault, and Im going to follow up the powers that be until I get her back to good.

  16. I got my cat a flea collar less then a week ago and the underside of his neck looks like this but not as bad as that.. Hope your cat is doing better..

  17. Just bought the purple hartz flea/tick collar for my 2 cats that are brothers. One has developed a red, raw spot under neck with hair loss that seems to itch him. It has only been on him for 2 days. The other cat hasn’t seemed to have any reactions yet. I can tell it’s working for flea/ ticks (we live in the country where they are inside/outside cats). The spot on the one cat isn’t too bad, but I want to wait a day to see if it persists or gets worse. I am probably going to remove it (certainly if it gets worse). Do any of you have an opinion on this? Is this a normal reaction to a new product that should go away? Any advice is appreciated as I love my babies.

  18. My cats both had the collars on for a week and my kitten now has a severe chemical burn on the back of her neck and throat.

    Hartz your product should be recalled otherwise you are complete monsters.

  19. Little Bingo, was dropped at the shelter, with a chemical burn between his shoulder blades.
    Even the Vet did not want to ‘speculate’, … Well this burn is healing very slowly, we are trying everything we can.
    The burn is exactly where flea drops would be administered.
    This is bullshit , Big Kitty PHARMA

  20. bought my 8 year old cat a 7 month hartz flea and tick collar as we moved recently to a ground level apt and he wanted to go outside, today i saw a huge chunk of fur missing from the back of his neck and lots of blood and a raw sore spot. He only had it on for maybe 2 weeks. Removed it and treating with polysporin. Never again. Grateful I caught it quickly but still my poor fur baby.

  21. I had bought the Hartz flea collar for my dog and 2 weeks later I noticed she had the same burn as in the picture above of the cat! I’m so furious! I’m gonna contact them! I put Vaseline on it and she was so relieved, getting Neosporin today! I’m also contacting Hartz!

  22. I had bought the Hartz flea collar for my dog and 2 weeks later I noticed she had the same burn as in the picture above of the cat! I’m so furious! I’m gonna contact them! I put Vaseline on it and she was so relieved, getting Neosporin today! I’m also contacting Hartz!

  23. My poor kitty has a huge burn on underside of her neck! Bought the purple hartz collar and this is week 2! Shes bleeding and her skin is peeled back some! What the hell are they putting in those! Im am sick..and saddened!!!!

  24. I put the med stuff on my cat and she started having seizure s. I bathed her immediately and was giving her milk through a syringe to help coat her belly. It took 2 days and shevis back to normal i also removed her flea collar. My dog didnt have any reaction until afew days after. She was crying constantly so i took her collar off to find that she has chemical burns on her neck. She has been bathed and i also used peroxide and triple antibiotics ointment. Hoping she feels better soon. I have in a matter of a week cried not knowing if my cat was going to make it and now knowing the pain my dog is in. I also woll never use Hetzs products.

  25. My cat has the same chemical burn is there anything I can put on it for pain relief this is pathetic that this expensive collar done this to her I paid 30 dollars for it.

  26. My cat had on the Hartz flea collar for around 2 weeks and my fiancé noticed her neck. It’s red and raw. I’m furious that my poor baby has a burn on her neck from something that was supposed to help her.

  27. This just happened to my cat as well. I am severely upset about this and will look into doing something about it. Cat lovers unite!!

  28. Had put new flea collar (Hartz) on my cat about 5 days ago. Today I saw a big patch of hair loss and after taking off collar realized around his whole neck loss of har and redness. Washed very gently with Dawn (he does not have fleas) but I didn’t want to use a hard soap. After it dried I put on antibiotic cream. Hopefully will heal. Poor kitties.

  29. We got Hartz flea collars for our 2 cats 2 weeks ago, and today I went to pet my cat Taco under his flea collars and was met with blood, puss and the collar was stuck to his skin! It sits on his neck loosely, we know the 3 finger rule, so it being stuck to him was terrifying, I had to peel it off the back of his neck. He lost fur and has a red bleeding ring all the way around. My other cat has no reaction to the collar but I’m removing it anyway. I can’t believe how bad my cats neck is! Taco is a sweet little baby, I hate that this happened to him. We will never use Hartz products again.

  30. What do you do about the burn? How do you treat it and keep your cat from scaring it. Help my poor kitty . the burn is getting worse. I cant afford a vet.

  31. Wow I just this on my pup 😢and my son feel something his I was omg the flea collar is doing that am sorry my little royal what can u put on it to heal it

  32. I placed the collar on my cat 2 days ago was enough space of 3 fingers between the neck and the coller, today I noticed bleeding coming out of the neck I removed the collar I found this nasty burn under it!!

  33. Feeling so bad for my girls😭
    I noticed little scabs on my baby then I checked my old girl, I’m so mad! I knew I shouldn’t have put chemicals on them! Shame on me but ya know what screw you Hertz for having this on the market!
    I will make sure this goes viral!!!

  34. Taken my cats collar off tonight and his neck is raw. Last week used just drops on my 12 week old kitten and she passed away the next day. Something needs to be done about checking these things before selling them to the public.

  35. I noticed my cat had bald spots on him and thought it was dermatitis from itching it and the redness . I then relaized.it was flea dermatitis i then decided to by the hartz flea.collar .My poor cats fur around his neck was.gone swollen and bleeding it was a chemical burn I immediately took it off DO NOT EVER use this product.

  36. I got this two months ago and it worked for my cats so I got another one for my other cat and realized it’s been burning my cats skin. Her throat is raw and ulcerated. I think we all have a law suit on our hands. This isn’t just happening to one person it’s happening all around America.

    Please call me or text me if you want to work together to fight hartz.

  37. This has been happening for years! The FDA required more warnings on over the counter products There are cats that do fine with this product but it does not kill fleas, reason it is OTC. The safest product is Advantage by Bayer, but a very small amount may still have reactions. Yes it is more expensive but I’d rather spend the extra money then lose my pet. It is also over the counter in some places.

  38. This just happened to my kitty tonight. A clear burn completely around my kitty’s neck from Hartz!! Down to the skin. Took the hair completely off. And dried scabbing all around her neck. I used a wet rag and managed to clear away most of the scabbing. The burn is extremely bad… this is horrible. I feel so bad. My wife and I feel like we harmed our animal..

  39. Just noticed this on our momma cat. Put collar on less than 2 weeks ago. My fiance just noticed and I removed the collar. Hair is gone all the way around neck and under her neck is red and irritated but not to the extreme of the o.p. kitty. HARTZ BRAND COLLAR.

  40. I got a chemical burn on my face from simply hugging my dog and the flea collar touched my face. My dogs are fine. ME…. itchy and very fortunate that covid season requires me to wear a mask to cover up my burn

  41. I used this product on all 6 of my cats and this also happened to them, I first noticed it on my Siamese and then my elderly Russian Blue started getting very sick and almost died thanks to this horrible product. I am totally devastated about this and pray that no one else will use this product and I pray that no one has lost any of their beautiful Fur babies. All I was trying to do was just protect them from fleas and ticks but instead I caused them pain. I hope someone is punished for this.

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