I don’t know what’s going to happen to my baby….

I’m 21 years old I found this cat when I was 8 years old covered in car oil (she is 13 years old) took her home to my grandfather and saved her life… Two days ago we used Hartz flea drops.  I put some on the back of her neck  and at the back of her tail.  The next day she was fine all day however I did notice her fur at her neck looked oil, but today my grandfather saw her in the back yard walking all funny and off balanced.  We brought her in and she was shaking and twitching tremendously I ran to the Petsupermarket and got her some nutrient milk I don’t know what its called but that and a syringe and feed her it.. I did not know what was wrong so I looked on the internet and found this out, I washed he fur off where the stuff was appreciated and feed her again this time she ate on her own.  I can’t take her to the vet because it is not open,  He still is twitching but her walking is a little better and she can eat on her own but she is laying down in one place just twitching like crazy it seems she is getting better but I don’t know if she is… She enjoys me scratching her like I do when she is normal.. I don’t know if she will make it I will cry if something happens to her she is apart of my life and childhood. I feel hopeless she is just twitching this shit has me pissed off how it is being sold and there are so many stories.. If someone can give me some advice please help me…. I done put baking soda on her to dry the Hartz out then soap and shampooed the fur and gently rubbed her down with some cool water because I heard they can over heat… I am trying my best here, someone please give me some tips

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  1. This same thing happened to my brothers cat about a year and a bit ago, we forced her to drink LOTS of water and eat food, and kept her warm. She is fine today, but I will never EVER use hartz after seeing that. I came home that evening and threw away all my Hartz cat toys, shampoo and cleansers (which thankfully was only 2 things)

    Keep and eye on her, it sounds like she had the same as Mittens, keep her warm and well hydrated.

  2. I have watched two kittens die from Hartz worm medicines. It is amazing the company is still around and finding new victims.

    As for the cat above, water water water! If she won’t drink, dip her in it (if the day is warm) and she will lick it off. A great emergency liquid is the water from a can of tuna. Do not feed her any kibble at all, only good, no-grain (Fancy Feast “classic”) wet food. Or a can of dark meat tuna. Carnivores get their water from their food—kibble induces eventual kidney disease. A bit of whole cream never hurts either!

    As for flea meds, Frontline, Advantage and Revolution are the options. But not until the animal is completely recovered—give it a few weeks. Cedar powders and cedar spray kill fleas safely, as does diatomaceous earth.

  3. For Jenn

    If you haven’t done it already wash her with Dawn Dishwashing soap. I didn’t have that in the house but I had her to the vets right away. I know the vet game her some sort of medication to make sure she calmed down, I left her at the vet’s overnight. She did have the same symptoms as your and her eyes were rolling around. Good luck and a special prayer for her

    And for Gavin. My heart goes out to you. Make sure nobody uses Sargeant’s flea medication as it is also made by Hartz

  4. I too don’t understand how they are still in Business!!! My dog had ticks and we used the oil drops. All of a sudden!!! She started to break out in Hives!! I went to the vet, they Suggested to use Dawn dishwashing soap, this will break up the oil on her skin, and remove most of it, I’ve been fighting this for a few months now. She lost her hair on her spine, and was still breaking out on the hives all over her body!! We’ve been using oatmeal shampo/conditioner, it has help a bit. She’s looking a lot better, but she’s not out of the woods yet!!;(
    We also give her Benadryl 10mg, to control some of the Itching and hives breaking out. Of her skin is dry, buy the spray, it’s a lotion from “John Paul” also use Hydrocortisone lotion.. Good luck! Hope your pet feels better!

  5. I saw ur post and could write! How is ur cat?
    U should take him to vet immediately ! He is poisoned and needs a lot of fluids. Usually sick cats don’t drink and eat, that’s why at vets they give cat all injections and drop counter he needs. Don’t wait him to get better by himself at home. As more u wait as more fatal chance u give ur cat.
    Also if doctor approve, wash off flea treatment from cat by bathing him with soft regular cat shampoo! Don’t use shampoo that TREAT FLEAS! He had enough flea treatment for now. I know that u shouldn’t bath sick cat but if u can refuse poisoning that left on his skein from flea treatment I would do what ever can help.
    As for reason why cat got sick! The mistake you have done is putting flea treatment not only on his back part of neck, but also ON THE BACK OF HER TAIL!! Even if packaging says so ALWAYS PUT FLEAS DROPS IN ONE PLACE ON THE BACK OF CAT’s NECK ONLY! That’s the only place they can’t reach and lick poisoning treatment.
    In ur case can licked his back by the tail and got poisoned..
    I know this because I did the same to my pets few years ago. To my dog, cat and kitten. All of them got very sick. Unfortunately kitten didn’t survive! 🙁 As u see sometimes instructions might be not accurate. Its our responsibility to make sure that we are do everything correct way to our pats. It’s always needed to read online about treatment u plan to give before u actually do it to avoid any possible problems. That ways we can lear from someones mistakes and not from ours and lifes our pats.
    Hope ur cat get better fast!

  6. To Tony – How is your cat doing? I read your story & it broke my heart. Your cat is very lucky to have you! I ran across this article by accident & I’m so glad because I had no idea cats & dogs were getting sick & dying from the Hartz Flea control medicines. I have several outdoor cats & have used Hartz on them before because I couldn’t afford the more expensive flea medicines. NEVER AGAIN!! After reading all the posts I will figure out another way to safely get rid of fleas! Please let us know how your cat is doing. I would have done the same thing as you Tony because I had no idea.

  7. Please take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. If she is off balance she could have some neurological problem from the Flea med. Plus the spot around her neck does not look good either.

  8. Hey guys I am sorry I have been gone for a long time.. My cat survived this incident, thank GOD.. I gave her two baths with Dawn soap and got her kitten milk from pets supermarket thats all should would eat at the time… The trembles lasted for like 4 days but now she is perfectly fine there is not after effects from this poison… We never got her to the vet because it was closed over the weekend.. But by the grace of god she made it… So if this happens to your cat immediately give them a bath and get the rest of that stuff of them… What the cat does is they keep trying to clean themselves because they can feel that stuff on there fur and skin so they want it off and the ingest it at the same time… So wash them and get them kitten milk keep them hydrated with nutrients.. if you have questions email me [email protected]

  9. Your mistake was putting poison on her tail, where the cat can lick it. I have had this happen to me. When using drops with cats, you need to keep in mind they are extremely flexible and lick themselves as part of their cleaning. So you should put this poison right above shoulder blades, where the cat can’t lick itself. She should be just fine after a while.

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