My cat died today because I used HARTZ FLEA treatment

this has been a very bad day today my 2 year old cat died today because I used hartz flea treatment ,I want to know how they are allowed to sell this product I am so upset ,I never seen a animal shake like that before ,my husband and I found this cat outside when he was 7 days old we bottle fed him he was my baby !! I cant stress enough to all pet owners DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!!! By the time I got to the vet he was gone !!!!!

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  1. So sorry for your pets death. I had a similar experience with my Chihuahua “Baby” in Sept 2012. The best way we can save other pets lives, get the word out about this terrible product & hopefully get it off the market is -share your story on facebook, file a complaint w/ the EPA -pet division [environmental protection agency]These are phone number I used- ph# 1-800-858-7378 + direct person who took my info-Lenia Hansen 415-947-4206 & file a complaint w/ Hartz 800-275-1414. The safest/best product to use is Frontline for fleas & ticks. Let your pet live on by saving other pets lives.

  2. Marie is right! Thank you for sharing your story! My son’s beloved cat, Shadow, was killed by Hartz flea powder as well. Tell your story over & over to help raise awareness. I have talked to vets, vet techs…anyone that can help spread the word!

  3. So sorry for your loss. We lost our cat almost 1 year ago to that Hartz poison. I don’t know what’s worse, the horrific similar stories that let me to this site last year, or all the animals that have died since. RIP little loved ones. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am so sorry for all the pets that being effected by Hartz products. I read your stories and feel so terrible. I never use Hartz and your crusade has probably helped save other pet’s lives for sure! I almost lost my dog Ginger when a product called Top Performance Citrilux was used on her and my other dog Gizmo became lethargic, vomited and hacking. It is horrible how the pet product manufacturers are making these products without regard for our beloved pet’s safety or health. In my opinion, one of the problems is that Hartz is regulated which goes to show you that just because it is regulated does not mean harmless, so we need to ask for stricter animal laws from our legislators to ban the chemicals that are being used in these products. That is the only way to ensure our pet’s safety. I have done alot of research and d-limonene, pennyroyal, tea tree oil etc are very toxic to our pets. The other problem is that essential oils are not regulated by anyone, so these so called “natural” ingredients can be used over and over. Fortunately, one offensive chemical called d-limonene is regulated by the EPA and in a EPA docket#EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0673 they are reviewing its use in pet products because so many studies & cases have shown its toxicity to our dogs and cats. In April-June 2014 there will be an open public comment period, which means all of us will have 60 days to let the EPA know of the dangers and heartbreak we experienced to demand they ban its use to keep our pets safe. Anyone who has a problem with a regulated EPA pesticide pet product should call their local Regional EPA office and some flea products are regulated by FDA and you should call them too. Together we can make a difference!

  5. Im sorry to here about your pet .
    We lost our dog on april 4th because my mom gave him a bath and used hartzfle and tick shampoo. he had so many seizures.
    he became blind ,and could not walk . My mom still has a hard time with all this .I recommendthat no one use these animal killers ,well thats what they are.

  6. Please everyone. From previous clients that used these products and had affects on their pets. I would like to have you also tell your stories on my blog but also get enough stories to get the attention of the press. Hartz will deny they have ANY calls Hartz and Sargeants, BioSpot are made by the same company. We have to band together. Please email me on fb Bev Peffer (privately)

  7. Laura you are the first that I heard any issues with Citrilux. That is a surprise. I am so so sorry everyone of your problems with these products.

  8. Hi Bev,
    Thank your for your sentiment. I have heard from others that Citrilux burns skin and caused seizures etc. on other’s pets and even from some groomers they have said the same. This particular product contains 3 skin, lung & eye irritants which makes it more likely for an adverse reaction to happen. I am just so glad our little girl Ginger pulled through.

  9. OMG! 4 days ago I bathed my cats and applied the Hartz flea and tic to her. My poor baby hasn’t eaten or drank anything since. She’s young and has always been so energetic and vocal. Since the treatment she sleeps in bed all the time, doesn’t eat or drink. She doesn’t even purr now. This evening I notice while gently picking her up she’ll growl. Not a mean growl but an it hurts growl. She has always been an indoor out door cat but she doesn’t even want to go out now. I’m so sick with worry. I love my CoCo and wish I had looked this up before applying the meds to her. Sooooooooo sad! God, please let her be okay.

  10. Beth, I hope that your baby is okay. If it helps I had the same thing happen with my baby, Samba, last summer and she is okay. She is a little different than before. She has zero feline grace and is a little more distant than she used to be BUT she is alive and still with us. It took her some time to get it all out of her system and feel better. I am praying for you and her and I really hope she is okay.

  11. We used Hartz on both of our cats last summer. One of them got so sick all he did was lay there. We couldn’t afford to bring him to the vet so we had to bring him back to the shelter we got from and they had to put him to sleep cause he was so sick. His organs had shut down and he was leaking reddish orange bile everywhere. We called all the vets around and NONE of them were willing to do a payment plan for us. We applied for care credit and couldn’t get that either. I felt horrible because our cat had to suffer from this poison that was supposed to help him. Our other cat is still alive and had no side effects at all. Never using Hartz again!

  12. Zodiac is another flea treatment shampoo and furniture spray that today has caused both my cats to seizure for now 7 hrs and still in extreme seizure and lathargic can’t stand walk anything. Took the smaller one that at the time was the worst of the two. The bigger one was still eating drinking normal behavior till after I returned from vet will lil one. They both are getting worse by the minute having 1 vet treated still in the worse state. 210.00 at vet and 39.64 at pet store for a recommended product that has me up watching my cats die. PLEASE Not only hertz and Sargents are harmful to your cats/kittens. Zodiac is also DO NOT USE for any reason what so ever

  13. My cat died Wednesday March 5th 2014 hours after applying Hartz flea drops . He was 5 years old and healthy. He had a seizure and died. I’m absolutely devastated . He was my best friend and I’m so angry right now. Hartz should be shut down . How do they get away with this ? I can’t believe there is a web site for victims and they still sell the stuff. They are not just animals they are our family. What can we do to stop this ?

  14. All Three of my cats died in the space of a week and a half after using HARTZ Flea powder in Nov of 2012. They need to take this product off the market.

    I miss them terribly!!!

  15. Put this on our kitty around noon today. Around 6 I noticed she was acting wierd. By 7 she was starting to shake. By 8 she was vomiting. I found another site that said wash her and hope for best. I don’t think she’s going to make it based on everything I’m reading and that breaks my heart.

  16. Dear Pet Owners,
    DEMAND that the Grocery Stores and Pet Stores who carry Hartz, Zodiac and Sargents REMOVE THE PRODUCT product from their shelves or you will SUE THEM for selling POISON under the name of a helpful pet product. That should wake them ALL up! It is a low end chemical with very litttle research behind the poison.

  17. Welost both of our kittens tohertz spray they wpere only three months they were brothers before my dtr used it they were sweetlittle boys we lost them intwo days of each other i don,t understand how they still sell it inthe stores it should be taken off the shelves and hertz should be held responsible for it

  18. We lost both of our kittens after my dtr sprayed them with hartz spray they were both sweet little boys they both died within two days of each other i don,t understand how they can sell this when theyknow what it does to cats they should be heldresponsile for it

    1. We literally just lost our kitty PEACH tonight I put the Hartz flea and tick treatment on her and her brother LUIGI and when we went outside to look for her she was dead in front of my car. My son is so heart broken and we just got her yesterday so I bathed Luigi to remove the medicine

  19. I just lost my cat who was a year old. She was the most sweetest and smartest cat I’ve ever owned. We usually use Adam’s water based but my husband picked up Hartz drops and used it. We left came back to see her seizing and she died three minutes later. I didn’t even know he switched to this, I’m so upset, very upset.

  20. I used hartz ultraguard pro on my two cats yesterday evening. Today they were foaming at the mouth and have tremors. We took them to the vet and we washed the areas off where it was applied. Monitoring them now to make sure nothing gets worse. Will be taking them back to the vet tommorow just in case. Never EVER use these products. I am so mad at myself for not knowing. If my animals are harmed or lost to this something will be done!

  21. Horrible product this needs to be pulled from shelves now before other people loose their pets. I did the same thing to my pet, I feel heartbroken I did this to my pet. I will let everyone I know about this product, and tell everyone on Facebook. Hartz needs to be sued over this product.

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