Wish I had read this

I have 7 pets. 5 cats and 2 chihuhuas. We had a horrible flea investation last year so for preventative medicine, I bought some Sargeant’s Flea and Tick, 1,2,3 treatments. One of my cats started panting and acting weird right after the application. I took her to the sink and washed off the area with warm water until I thought it was gone. Guess it wasn’t. She must have licked off some residue and when I next found her, she had vomited all over herself and she could not stand up for the convulsions she was having. I wrapped her in a blanket and raced to the vet where she is still hooked up to an iv trying to flush the poison out of her system. She may live, she may have severe liver damage, neurological damage, or she may die after all. I also had to take the other 6 in because even after washing them thoroughly with Dawn dishwashing liquid, they also started acting like they had some twitches and were walking crooked and falling over. They are still being observed but seem to be the lucky ones. Really, I can’t understand how a product that is so lethal is still being sold in supermarkets and other stores. I will be holding them responsible for all my vet bills. If there is a class action suit, please let me know.

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  1. Joystem,
    I certainly hope your cat made it and your other animals are all doing well at this time.

    I searched in Google for Hartz class action after reading your post and found a post on this same site that references this link: http://www.hartzvictims.org/2010/04/30/seeking-clients-for-class-action-suit-in-tennessee/ )
    this was back in 2010 but others have posted to it as recently as 2012. There is more information on the post by

    Class Action lawsuit getting started

    Posted by [email protected] on July 19th 2010
    it’s worth a try.

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