I live in Houston and the flea problem in my neighborhood is a bit crazy. Last night I gave my cats Chip and Momo a bath and then applied some Diatomaceous Earth when they dried. Today after I held Chip in my arms for a while, I sat him down then used a lint roller on my shirt and found a flea on it! I go a little crazy when it comes to fleas and want them eradicated but my husband won’t let me fog our house because of his electronics. So I walked to Kroger and got the Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens. It’s supposed to kill all stage fleas and eggs, ticks and repel mosquitoes. Shortly after applying it to Momo, she started twitching her back and went to groom herself. That started the increased salivation but then she went behind the couch and threw up. I tried giving her another bath but as she hates baths, she struggled severely and I was only able to rinse with water. Her balance doesn’t seem to be off and I’ve washed it off the best I could with a towel, hand soap and a squirt bottle to rinse. But she still seems uncomfortable. I’m home alone. My husband is in the Reserves and is gone for two weeks! I’ve called my mother in law but she’s working and hasn’t picked up. Chip doesn’t seem to be bothered but I went ahead and washed it out of his fur as well. I’ve given Momo milk and she drank a bit but I’m still worried. We’re not out of the woods yet. After Momo threw up I wasn’t taking any chances and washed it off my other cat, Chip as well. He doesn’t seem to be feeling great either. Usually they’re both up by 7 and chasing each other around, waking me up for a refill in their food bowl but I woke up at 9 and they’re both quite mellow. But they’re making progress. I keep wiping their fur and skin with warm water and a little witch hazel.

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  1. Make sure they are drinking LOTS of water! this helped when my brothers cat went through Hartz Hell. We force fed her water with a syringe and same with wet food, we forced her to eat watered down wet food through a large syringe. It seemed to help a LOT. But don’t get the cheap food, get the good food like performatrin, something with lots of vitamins and such. Milk may upset the tummy if they are lactose intolerant. Not all cats are, but some are, like humans. Good Luck and I hope your little ones are alright and doing better today 🙁

  2. I am a groomer. Wash you pet in dawn dish liquid to get it off the skin asap. Contact the press and keep telling everyone. Go to my blog and tell people and share so no one else gets hurt.

  3. Did put the second brand on right away? You have to wait a certain time frame to use another treatment is they could overdose!

  4. Thanks! I did wash it off both cats with clarifying shampoo the moment I saw Momo throw up. Then I kept washing their fur with a wet cloth and hand soap, then another wet cloth to rinse. Then again with just warm water and witch hazel to soothe any irritation. Today they’re getting back to normal. They’re more playful and more vocal. Momo drinks water just fine but Chip still needs help so I gave him a bowl of ice water and then I used a bit of tuna water. They’re both getting better thanks to all of your help! Thanks so much! I am strictly all natural flea control now!

  5. My dogs have fleas so I looked up some home remedies and planned to order k9 advantix. When I went out shopping I found Sergeants Bansect squeeze on flea and tick control for dogs at dallor tree I thought why not give it a shot its a buck and so I bought one for each of my dogs.

    I’m so glad I looked up reviews for this product when I got home before I put it on my boys. I have placed the order for K9 Advantix and I will be returning this crap tomorrow. I hate pet companies would continue to make a product that they know is toxic.

    To the victems if you read the comments: I’m sorry for hardship and loss. Your stories made me tear up. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing any of my babies. Thank you for making your story available to us.

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