This product KILLED my cat!

I cannot believe this company has not been sued yet… as soon as I used it on both of my cats one had the worst reaction… lost all his fur and developed heart disease. He died last night… Now I wonder what it is going to do to my other cat. Is he going to die too? This is disgusting.. Have they any idea how much pain they have caused.. yes.. they do .. they just don’t care… bottom line money. I cannot believe you can’t trust any company now days especially for your pets, your family. They are all I have. And you KILLED my baby and now what about my other baby??? I want to cuss you so bad… He was so healthy b/f I applied that flea and tick stuff to him and to boot it didn’t get rid of any fleas… Thank you Hartz for breaking my heart and so many others..

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  1. I used Hartz flea and tick drops on my cat today and not very long after he became extremely lethargic, had noticeably irregular breathing and began to salivate so bad it was dripping from his mouth. I watched him get worse and worse within about 10 minutes or so and immediately took him to the after hours clinic. The vet told me to NEVER use Hartz products on any pet! She said it’s the worse thing you could do and has witnessed many cases of people losing their animals due to this product. My cat seemed to snap out of it a little bit as we were at the vet but was still not 100%. The vet recommended a detoxing cleanser for his fur and they are keeping him over night. I hope I have good news tomorrow. I wish I would have read up on this brand a lot sooner. You hear “Hartz” and you trust the name because they’ve been around forever, but now knowing what I know and also with what I’ve experience, I’m wondering how in the hell this company stays in business!?? I’m sorry for your loss of your baby. Pets are family and it would break my heart if I had to lose mine due to idiots who can’t make safe pet products!

  2. Thanks hon… I really hope your pet pulls through… Yeah.. you trust this brand and what do you get for it.. DEATH… I want to kill everything the owner of this company loves.. I will never forget and I am starting a campaign to put these people out of business… Much love to you.. and your sweet pet..

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I know you are hurt and very angry BUT Please you have to spread the word any way you can. If your at the store and you see someone with it or even just looking at you have to tell them about it and what happen to you and your baby. Again I am soo very sorry

  4. Thank all of you.. my other baby Seems to be ok.. just mourning .. it was his brother… It has been posted to my website and every place I can think of …. I will be taking action with a non- profit organization on this matter… and believe me.. I am in every store that sells this crap and contacting headquarters that they are boycotted by me and every pet owner I know until it is off their shelves.. Love to all of you…

  5. We finally have the power to learn the health effects of the hundreds of chemicals that are sold to us. If you can post on here, you can look chemical names up on the Internet. Don’t be a victim of their slick marketing. Look up the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in a product BEFORE you use it.
    Also, a good explanation of how different flea and tick chemicals work on insects is on the Drsfostersmith website:

  6. I used the Hartz drops on my cat. Within a matter of 20 minutes he started acting funny, blinking his eyes and shaking. Within about two hours he was having seizures, I rushed him to the Emergency Animal Clinic in Corpus Christy Texas. The vet there told me that those Hartz drops are very poisonous to humans and pets, that vets all over are trying to get them removed from store shelves. Luis ended up staying in the hospital for a few days, he lived unlike most pets. Help put a stop to Hartz! Boycott!!

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