My poor puppy


Well  a couple of days ago my mom have my dog Fluke a bath she used the hartz dog shampoo .. He w until later that night around 9:00 pm he started having a sezure he came out of it a few seconds later … He was fine but then he started to get more serious and he had a bigger one and really never came out of it . The next day my mom brought him to the vet and that’s we’re they told her that fluke had to stay there so they could keep an eye on him . They hooked him up to an iv . They told us that there’s a chance that he might be blind . The next day we went to the vet and got fluke ..the vet told us that he couldn’t see and he might get it back in about a week …. My dog is so hurt can barley walk when he stands he falls over . Our dog is not the same anymore he is the best dog anyone would be glad to call there pet he’s not only our pet he’s part of our family and why would the hartz company want to take that away from us no animal should have to go through this …. I hate the HARTZ company … Fluke is the type of dog who if you throw a ball he’ll go and get it and give it back to you … If you sit on the ground and Howell he’ll sit there and Howell back if you ask him to smile he’ll loll at you and show hi teeth. My brother will sit there on the floor and play little hand games with him … This dog is not the same I’m so up set ….. Everyone at the HARTZ company can rote in HELL ….. thanks for taking our dog away

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  1. I’ve been trying to leave an update on fluke, we had to have him put to sleep, but this site will not let me post it … has this site been paid off by hartz or what…

  2. twobyfour12937, no, this site has not been paid off by Hartz. I own it and will always own it. My recommendation is to update your post by logging into the site to update your post, or to comment on your own post (like you’ve done here).

  3. I’ve tried to log on to the web site to update the storie about our family dog but it won’t let me log on 🙁

  4. I’ve tried to log in several times, and they won’t let me but poissant, nickols, grue and vanier,pc lawyers will get somthing posted

  5. And also if u are reading this hartz don,t bother sending me the return box for the bottle of hartz flea and tick shampoo ultra that killed my dog. the laywer said that is evidence and also he said pay the vet myself,so u won’t get the vet bills either.. thanks for killing my poor puppy.

  6. Hi josh, it’s todd snyder again iv’e tried to leave an update on my poor puppy several times, why won’t u post it. Im doing it the right way i even had a computer repairman send it to u and u wont post it , and u call this a real website. Im in ny , but does california allow them to sell this shampoo in that state. hartz flea and tick ultragaurd with oatmeal.

  7. How do you know the Hartz stuff caused the seizures? That’s just anecdotal evidence unless you can show test results or autopsy results indicating poisoning.

  8. The last two times we gave him a bath this happened, but im sure my vet could tell u more about the chemical in this shampoo, and i never thought about it until i typed in side effects of hartz shampoo. and its wierd there ar so many cases…..

  9. You have to be about an idiot if you think a shampoo killed your dog. I have been using hartz everything for as long as i can remember. You killed your dog not the shampoo. Did you ever think your og could have been an epilectic, hmmmm…yes animals can suffer seizures just like humans. So the first time grandma breaks out in a seizure from old age I hate to see what you do to her. The dog may have ben temporarily blinded by the shampoo but it says on the bottle not to get it in the eyes. So once again on you, not hartz. You blinded your dog then killed him, shame on you for throwing the blame off on hartz.

    1. I am a cosmetic chemist and Hartz dog shampoo contains two dangerous preservatives that are BANNED in Europe, they cause horrendous skin lesions. My own two dogs had horrible problems after using this poisonous shampoo just once so I researched the ingredients.

  10. Jessew, you’re a poor excuse for a human being, and totally ignorant of the harmful effects — including seizures — of pesticide products.

  11. hey, jessew u sound like a retard to me, do u work for hartz. it sounds like u do, look at the post on this and other websites, mooron,..

  12. I find it very hard to believe your dog got sick from just having a bath with hartz shampoo. I have rescued several dogs and bathed them in hartz. Never had a problem. It s sounds like your dog has other issues like neurological. Unless he drank the hartz shampoo I don’t see how a simple bath with shampoo can harm him. You sure he didn’t drink any. Of the bath water? If that shampoo caused his seizures then any shampoo would. I just doesn’t make since that shampoo would m&m make him act that way.

  13. Sounds like to me other than the dog maybe getting a drink of it in the bath, this person is a little undereducated. Please learn how to spell and type proper sentences. This makes you look like you have no clue about what you are talking about, and it also makes your sentences UNREADABLE.
    I have used Hartz products as well and not had one single problem with them. Maybe if people were a little more careful, things like this wouldn’t happen.

  14. Wow looks like the Hartz employees are coming out of the wood works. Here is a novel idea, why don’t you insensitive,heartless ass kissers go drink the shampoo if you don’t catch a case of epileptic techno then you can speak here but if you do die from it let me know where your graves will be so i can so dance on them

  15. this one is for JESSE
    WELL JESSE im 18 years old and that night i helped my mother give our dog a bath im pretty sure we dident kill our dog ..the day befor he was running around playing with his lcrose ball and sunday we gave him a bath .. you try having 30 to 40 seizures and tell me what happens to you dumbass.
    fuck you jesse .it well be one cold day in hell for you

  16. this comment is for u jessew you have no idea what happened all u can do is make stupid comments like that.It has been one month and a day since .we had to put our family member to sleep. we miss fluke so much he was treated like a little king. we did every thing we could for him.he had so many seizures in less than twelve hours that he could not see he could barely walk. i will never forget the loks of helplessness in his face u no it is hard enough to lose a huan family memder,but it is just as hard to lose a pet member .

  17. wow alright it’s incredibly rude of people to go to a website that is for VICTIMS OF A COMPANY, then BLAME THE PEOPLE who post on it for what happens to their pets.

  18. I have also used Hartz products as long as I can remember. Because I live in the country we have a flea and tick infestation every year. I do the flea and tick drops and dips on the dogs I rescue and never had any problems until now. I bathed my yorkie in the oatmeal flea and tick formula and put drops on her as well. After a few hours I noticed she appeared to have musscle spasms (up to this point healthy lively little girl). Not realizing it could be the shampoo or drops I fered the worst and took her in for a full series of tests and image studies. After her overnight stay at the Pet ER and what the vet assumed was a probable poisoning from her eating grass sprayed wih pestisides in the yard. A few days later I noticed she appeared to have a seizure/spasm curled her front leg under her, twisted her neck back and cried in pain. All I could do is hold her and help her through whatever it was. Again we run to the vet and run every test under the sun. Everything came back ok. Brain scans, blood work, liver tests, you name it. Nothing….not one this wrong with my girl.
    At last, 30 days after the initial bath and flea treatment, several visits to the vet, and monitoring her 24/7 she seems back to normal. No episodes for over two weeks. After a walk I noticed a tick crawling on her little ear so I bathe her with the Hartz Oatmeal shampoo. Once again she had an “episode” so I called my vet and told her and she advised me to bathe her in Dawn and monitor her. She told me to stop using Hartz product on my orkie and see how she does. Two months now, and no more episodes, the one common denomenator was the HARTZ. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a biologist, I’m a fur baby mommy and I love my dogs and rescues with all my heart. I read directions and I use the products I buy per the labels and advise from the professionals. I cant be sure it was or wasn’t the hartz products. But what I can say for sure is thus far, after removng these product from our routine, we have not experienced any more episodes.
    With the money I have spen on my little girl and vet bills, I could have purchased a lifetime supply of Frontline or Parastar so this never happens again. I will never again be frugal when it comes to something like this.

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