Why is this stuff still selling?

Both my cats had massive seizures and were lethargic for days, I was so scared and I do’t understand how this stuff can be on the market when it is so deadly. I am so scared to use anything on my poor animals, my babies skin was so burned from it after the seizures I had to wrap cool cloth around them, I can’t believe how deadly this shampoo was. I wish I would have come here first. I know watered down Dawn is good, anything else out there that you all know are good products? And is Nine Lives good for your cat? Just want the best for my kitties. Sorry for all those who have been hurt by this product. Pets are amazing, they are family 🙂

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  1. How are your cats now? I used the flea drop product on my cat earlier today and washed it off as soon as I saw this site. She seems OK..how long was it until you noticed symptoms?

  2. I noticed a few hours later, my cat was very lethargic after an hour, then had the seizures, you should be fine if you washed it off, hope your kitties are ok :)My cats are happy and healthy now, we just got a new kitty to join the family and he will never have that stuff used on him. Take care and glad you found this site

  3. As a Veterinary Technician I would recommend using NOTHING but products sold by a veterinarian. They have gone through vigorous testing to prove they are safe and they are made by reputable drug companies. They are also the only thing that will kill fleas effectively, not soap. They may cost more than a pet store product but you will have a happy, healthy pet and a flea free home.

  4. My dog got deathly sick when he received a dose of Frontline…research any of these products, they are made from pesticides that you use on your lawn…even flea baths, sprays and any flea item. There is a class action lawsuit against Frontline

  5. Yeah and those products cost more than most groceries that humans buy to eat. I use Baby Shampoo on all my dogs with a hint of Dawn mixed in for flea killing. Although, the baby shampoo seems to kill the fleas as well and it wont burn their eyes if some was to drop in by accident. What I usually do is take a washrag with some baby shampoo and wash their face carefully, because most times when you wash with flea shampoo, they all run to their face and head area. Then I use Dawn for their body, most of my dogs stand like a statue when you wash them, so they don’t get too much soap in their eyes, but if you use a washrag with some baby shampoo even if they get some in there, it wont burn them. Now my grandmother swore by AVON Skin So Soft for her Chihuahua. After she give her a bath in the baby shampoo, she would spray her down with this stuff and then comb it through her coat. It helped with the fleas and also seemed to help with the shedding too that these little dogs seem to have a problem with.

  6. Dawn and Palmolive (both in the original formulas) are AMAZING flea killers. In fact, it was a veterinarian who actually recommended Palmolive to me. Tip for you guys when giving dogs a flea bath: before even getting them wet, start first by taking the shampoo and applying it around EVERY orifice (that means anus, genitals, ears, eyes, nose…you get the idea). As soon as the water hits, those little jerks are going to go running for any safe place they can find, and that means they’ll crawl into all those holes if they get a chance.

    I haven’t had a chance to test this out myself, because my cat has a sensitive stomach, but several of my grooming clients swear by using unfiltered apple cider vinegar, either as a spray mixed with water, or by adding about a teaspoon to drinking water every day. No chemicals involved!

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