Want To Do Something About This??

Bored, need something to do to take your anger at Hartz out? I got just the ticket for you easy and simple and you’ll feel better after you do it too!

Check out Hartz new ad campagin

Why not write The San Franciso Chromicle and tell them what your opinion of  Hartz flea and tick products is. Or just tell them “your” Hartz story

Questions and comments
Mailing address and phone number:
San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate.com
901 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Local: (415) 777-1111
USA Toll Free: (866) 732-4766

My favorite Write to the Editor
Letters to the editor 200 words only must include name and number

Do something to help get the word out about Hartz. summer  is coming and more cats and dogs are going to be hurt or die from products like Hartz. Getting the  word out about how dangerous Hartz is , is a good start to helping keep animals safe.

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  1. As citizens, we are all in a constant battle against the marketers of drugs, food, pesticides, supplements, training devices, clothes, toys and cars. Sales departments will tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy their product. Always look up as much as you can about a product or its specific ingredients before you buy it or use it. We have this marvelous tool called the Internet which we can use to learn the truth that is behind the salesman’s claim. Do your research and save your life.

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