Cats almost died. Both are in hospital on fluids

I bought a 3 months supply of cat flea treatment and put it on two of my cats. One, a male and the other a very pregnant female cat. After a hour both cats starts shaking uncontrollably. I freaked the hell out as I love my animals and am going to school to be a vet. That night one of the cats even started having seizures. I washed both of them off and didn’t know what else to do because it was very late and the vet was not open.  I intern at the vet every morning Monday through Thursday. Everyone on there knows me very well, so once I woke up i went straight there with no appointment for an emergency visit. They checked them out and also told me that they see at least one animal A MONTH come in with the same symptoms as mine due to Hartz and they wish they would take it off the market. One of the vets checked out the cats and bathed both of them once again and started them on IV fluids and told me to let them stay so they could keep an eye on them. The doctor said she does not know what will happen to the pregnant cats unborn kittens and that we will have to see when she has them. She said that they could do an emergency C-Section but that was very risky in that she is around 2 weeks until full term. I am extremely infuriated with this product and have contemplated suing if anything is wrong with those precious unborn babies!!!!! I have tried to call Hartz but customer service is closed until tomorrow. They can expect a call from me 9:00 AM SHARP in the morning and I will have a little talk with them with some very colorful language. They WILL be sending me my money back and should really be liable for paying my vet bill. It is all because of those bastards that this even happened.

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  1. I put Hartz cat flea drops on my 3 cats about 4 weeks ago. One cat died 3 weeks ago and one died this past saturday, I am devastated one cat was 6 yrs old and one was only 2 yrs old. My 8 yr old cat has been acting sick so I took her to the vet today, he said it was the flea drops! She was dehydrated but not too bad so we are giving her pedialite. She seems to be doing better. When I put the drops on the cats I also put them on my 5 dogs. One dog had a seizure and one got really runny eyes! I can’t believe it! I never heard anything about Hartz being dangerous to pets! Why are they not being taken off of the market?! I miss my babies so much! I can’t even bring myself to tell my 13 and 10 yr old daughters that Nemo has died :'( I pray the Jasmine will make it! I couldn’t figure out what happened to my pets until the vet told me! I am going to call Hartz tomorrow! I am so sad and pissed off!!

  2. How are the kittens? I considered buying this product until i read your experience!! I’ll definitely not buy this product. What other steps could i take? I’ve tried advantage for cats salt and baking powder vacuums and frequent washings of all house linens. I’m at my wits end with fleas but love my cats.

  3. Oh wow hope everything goes well. If not threaten a class action law suit. Shouldn’t be hard to get ppl to jump on. Praying for ur pets!!! 🙂 and give them lots of love from my family to ur furry friends

  4. I used this junk on my cats, Elvis my 2 year old went outside following her treatment when I went to bed I didn’t realize she was still out. I called for her that following morning but she didn’t return. Looked for her late Tuesday found her dead in my backyard . This cat was healthy and I was shocked that she had died and they were no marks on her. I have been stumped as to what could have caused her death until my son told me about the Hartz flea treatments you bunch of bastards should be took out and shot. I fucking hate you now you killed my cat with your damn greed Hartz and Walmart where I bought this shit I hate you both.

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