Caution for pet owners

Our 3 years old yellow lab, Mia has been living with my husband and I inside the house ever since we brought her home as a puppy.  A hard decision was made when my daughter was born and started crawling when we decided to put Mia in the backyard temporally just until my daughter start walking.  This month my husband and I were excited because we finally feel  it’s time to have Mia back in the house as my daughter walks pretty steadily now.  We gave her a bath last weekend with the Hartz flee & tick shampoo and then applied the Hartz flee & tick  med.  she was fine the following 2 days until about 3 days ago I just noticed that she looked listless and tired.  Then, the next day she did not finish her dinner…we knew immediately that something is wrong.  She usual wolf down her meals in few seconds.  We walk around the back yard and saw that she has diarrhea, and it was black.  We took her to the emergency pet hospital right away. The doctor did x-rays on her and told us that she is bleeding internally.  He saw the brown streaks left by the flee & tick med on Mia’s back  and asked us what brand we use…was it the brand called Hartz.  He also told us about the incidents pet owners experienced with this brand…we were terrified that we have made the same mistake.  While he was examining Mia, we rushed home to see what brand we used on Mia, my heart sank we we saw the label on both the shampoo and the med.  we brought her home yesterday, my husband slept with her throughout the night, and I couldn’t sleep all night because I have never felt so guilty of letting this happen to Mia.  Lesson learned!  I will research on unfamiliar brands before I make any purchases…I just don’t understand how those products are still available on the shelves.  This is  why I wanted to post my story so that at least it provide some caution to other pet owners.  I just prey that Mia will survive this horrible ordeal.

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  1. As bad as those products are to pets, they may be even more harmful to small children who pet treated animals and then put their fingers in their mouths.

  2. Shame on you for keeping your dog outside. Would you force your child to stay outside?? They are companions not objects!

  3. I feel your pain, I used the Hartz flea/tick topical med on my chocolate lab/spaniel mix, last year. I went to brush his coat and chunks of his coat came out, and looked like glue and the bottom of the patches that came out. I started thinking of what I could have done to cause this, and didn’t find out until I took him to the Vet, that this is what caused it. Some of his coat has grown back but he has a few spots that I don’t believe will ever grow back. They really need to take this off the market.

    Hope your Lab is ok.

  4. @Pets are family – yes pets are family, but they are animals. No harm in having them outside. We keep our dog outside, and she loves it. Couldn’t keep her inside because she’d destroy everything, and my mum is allergic to dog hair.

    To the original poster, I hope your Lab is doing better. I have never heard of this product in Australia, hopefully I never will.

  5. I’m so upset, at my wits end with guilt that I didn’t figure this out sooner…and I really hope that your lab is okay now! Please let that be the case…
    I have a beautiful 10 month old Aussie puppy, and two days ago my roommate shampood Riv with the same Hartz CAT shampoo he’s been using on his new rescue rottie, while I was at work (said they were muddy). I thought it was very odd, and cheap of him, that he used what appears to be a Hartz hairball treatment, but not worried for my dog’s safety, as I am now.
    Riv lost his appetite right after the shampoo, and has been eating a small portion of what he usually does. I saw dark diarrhea in the yard, but couldn’t believe it was his, his usually look fantastic and formed. Today the roommate said ‘lots of’ hair came out after the shampoo, which is VERY unusual for Riv, even after baths. Last night I started to get hives on my face and a sore throat, but only tonight have I connected the dots. Now I hope that after bathing him (I don’t want to do it in that bathtub, I’m taking him to a friend’s house) he’ll stop losing hair and get his appetite back, but I’m still worried about internal bleeding now! Best believe I’ll be on the phone with the vet.

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