Kills people not fleas

Bought the Hartz flea and tick foggers, set them off on Thurs night. The second I hit the button I began coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. Set off the other 3 as fast as I could hacking all the way. Left the apt and had to stand outside the door coughing/wheezing/sneezing to the point I almost peed my pants Made it to my vehicle just to continue this for another 30-40 minutes. Got over it, returned 2.5 hours later just to re-enter and immediately start it again. Didn’t even make it to the porch door 10 ft away where I stood outside hacking again for another 30 minutes. Today is Saturday and there are fleas jumping everywhere and new flea poop on my countertops etc. Had to go back out and buy Raid and did it all over again tonight…no coughing or adverse reaction and how much ya want to bet the fleas are dead? SAY NO TO HARTZ! Thankfully I bought a different brand of flea shampoo or my cat probably would be dead by now.

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  1. If u r so broke u cannot take your pet to the vet when they r having problems, u don’t need to be smoking, buying new clothes & running around spending $$$ while your pet suffers!

  2. What the ???? are you talking about? Why would I take my cat to the vet for fleas dumb azz? and who says I can’t afford a vet…and who are you to tell me how to spend money or not? Sure you commented on the right post?

  3. Sounds like you just had an allgeric reaction….and yes your animals need to see a vet forfleas they carry dieses and need a good topical to get rid of fleas. Flea shampoo doesnt work!

  4. Yes I had an allergic reaction. I however did not have one when I used the Raid foggers and have never had one with any other brand . I used to live on a farm and had both indoor and outdoor cats and dogs. As always I have treated them with other brands once a year and had no problems with fleas thereafter. Also, since I used the Advantage flea drop on my cat, and used the Raid foggers, there have been no signs of fleas and my cat is very content and healthy.

  5. just to comment that any flea fogger should never be used where there is anything breathing in the house and that includes, plants and fish in a tank…..if you have fleas in the house that are a pain to get rid of then foggers and flea bombs are brilliant and do the job, but put all the plants you own in a room that is shut and not to be treated, remove all the animals and birds, cover a fish tank and turn off the pump and leave the house for at least an hour and then return, open all the windows and put things back….flea foggers and bombs are serious stuff that do what they say on the tin…..kills everything and deters spiders for months (bonus), but you really should leave the house..I have never used Hartz products, but I am a reluctant to try now, will stick to the ones I know and using flea and worm treatments etc., from my vet…I am however, complaining about other of Hartz products.

  6. Well first of all, You should have a mask on when u set off a fogger and leave immediately. No foggers should be inhaled. and actually you should bring your cat to the vets for fleas, they can carry diseases……and most vet prescribed flea meds work. most ones you buy from walmart or pet stores dont!

  7. also you need to remember that it is REALLY hard to get rid of fleas. and that they come in cycles. if you kill the first batch, you will have to kill the babies when the eggs hatch…because flea stuff does not penetrate the eggs!!! I suggest calling in a professional. thats what I had to do

  8. UNBELIEVABLE! No, really? So sitting next to the fogger with my cat and my son eating a picnic lunch was NOT a good idea? Look people, all I was trying to do was warn people about the brand. I am not an idiot and some of these replies are absolutely ludicrous. I am deleting my comment shortly because the replies are so ridiculous.
    Summary: Used Hartz, had allergic reaction immediately within 2 seconds of pressing the button (away from my face if I actually have to spell this whole thing out for everyone) Product did not kill even the adult fleas, didn’t even stun them. Used Raid a few days later and then again 2 weeks later for the hatching eggs if any, no allergic reaction, killed the fleas. Along with one drop of Advantage on the cat, no more fleas, no sick cat. End of story.

  9. dear god don’t do that again…
    if you have pets get the kind of stuff you put on their neck.. unless they go out you should only need 1-2 treatments.. learn the life cycle of fleas to help better understand the process.. the stuff i mention breaks the life cycle of the fleas feeding on your animal.. keeping your place well vacuumed will help also.. fleas spend very little time on your pet, mostly they are in the carpets and baseboards.. if you have a bag type vacuum you will want to change the bag, or put a chopped up flea collar in it.. (i would never use one on my animals) fleas thrive in vacuums..

    i see you are in an apt.. if the problem persists talk to your landlord.. you may be able to get your place professionally treated.. especially if there are other pets in the building.. buildings usually have a contract with a pest company..

    if all else fails, pay a professional to do your suite.. your health is worth it.. once you have the critters dead look into natural ways to keep them out..

    good luck..
    cat owner and former apt manager..

  10. Oh my goodness! Everyone completely missed the point of this poor man’s post! He wasn’t posting because he wanted all of your opinions. He was posting because he wanted to help someone from making the same mistake he did by buying a dangerous product (which is what the website is about) If you didn’t understand the multiple times he mentioned healthy cat healthy owner and no fleas from switching to a better brand…. Well he covered that!! Not once did I see him ask anyone any questions! Ugh some people these days /:

  11. Before using any pesticide (or herbicide) on your property or your pet, look up the active ingredient on wikipedia or Pesticide Action Network org. Most of it is tough reading, but there are sections about toxicity and health effects that we mere mortals can understand. Better to be out the cost of the product you choose to throw away than to hurt yourself, kids or pets. We finally have the power to look stuff up, so use it. Don’t be a gullible victim of the chemical industry’s marketing campaigns.

  12. I had put hartz flea treatment on my cat as well as a flea collar. It was on her not even 2 minutes and she started panting !!! PANTING !!! A CAT !!! called my vet right away and she told me to get it off of her asap ….took the collar off of her, rushed her into a bath (not fun!). And she was fine. Thank Goodness ! Why is this product still being sold ?

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