yet another victim

I got my two daughter’s a puppy for Christmas. He has been a great dog. He even perked up another dog we have because he lost his playmate. Well I resently purchased some Flea and Tick Shampoo by HARTZ. The puppy (Gizmo) is now well over 6months of age. We gave hi a bath last night with this Shampoo and now he is having convolutions. We are not. financily stable to take him to a vet. So we are doing the best we can with what we have. I will no longer use there products and advising everyone I know not to use there products. Gizmo is doing better than what he was about 12 today. So I pray he just continues to improve. Heartz should not be able to produce and sell products that are harmful to our loved ones. They may walk on all fours but they are still family.

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  1. If you cannot afford vet bills, DO NOT GET PETS. Simple as that. You wouldn’t have a child if you knew you could not support it, and it’s the same with a pet. I’m sorry for what happened, but adopting a pet you cannot afford is not fair to that animal.

  2. Well since you want to get hateful. You need to check your facts. I did not go back and update my comment. I got my pet to the vet. The vets where I am would not except animals that they already do not see on the weekend. So therefore miss know it all I had to wait until Monday. I got him to the vet. And thanks to the product when my puppy went to floping like a fish in my back yard it was to late. That crap got into my puppies central nervous system. I had to put him down the next day. So it sounds to me like you pass judgement. Hypocrite!!!! So therefore I had the money to get him seen. It didn’t looked possible but with the Lords help it became possible.

  3. What matters is that this product did this to another animal. And my dog did get treatment. He spent the night in the hospital with no change in his condition. Pass judgment and point fingers all you people want. People need to stop and look at real picture here. Y’all wanna point fingers while a well known company keeps killing animals go right ahead. Don’t make a change. But I will. And YOU PEOPLE. NEED TO GROW UP

  4. There isn’t really that much a vet can do anyway, whats important is cleaning those toxins of the animal. I just wish people would stop being so helpless, animals get by without getting vaccines and going to the vet. My cats are 100% fine. And all the cats and dogs, I’ve had in the past have been fine too without going to the vet. They have had wounds and people have said “Oh you have to see a vet!!!!” but I never do and they always pull through, no problem. You people are heartless for trying to make Angel here seem like a bad person. Her dog is probably better of then those that are getting pumped full of shit from the vets anyway. Sheeeeeesh. You heartless small minded people. What matters is that this product is dangerous. Sounds like Gizmo will pull though thank God. Good luck with the lil guy and God bless you and family Angelica.

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