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I have been buying the hartz chew n clean bones for my oldest dog for about two years. I work at a vet clinic and I am aware that Hartz is is a brand not to be trusted, but I thought the bones would be okay. I have never had any problems with them up until about a week ago. My younger dog has been chewing on the bones as well. He was having surgery to repair a fractured leg and when surgery was over he began bleeding out of his rectum, a lot. The doctor was suspecting internal bleeding because of the amount of blood. While my dog was passing the blood they found a small orange piece of plastic that was very sharp. The doctor came to the conclusion that the bleeding was caused by Colitis. Later on when my dog was being cleaned up a green piece of plastic was found, also very sharp. The only things in my house that are orange and green like those pieces of plastic are the hartz bones. I threw them away immediately. I cannot believe they are allowed to sell toys and bones for dogs that can cause so much damage. Thank god my dog is recovered now and has no more problems. I will only buy name brand toys from now on. 

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  1. Thanks for posting that!
    I’ve been thinking lately about how this company, Hartz, can sell dangerous products – many of them! – and not have any consequences. If you read all the stuff people have posted here, you can tell that they have NO quality control over their products. Sometimes the products work fine, and other times, they’re fatal for an animal. Obviously, the products vary widely in quality. So, why isn’t this on the front page of the newspaper?
    The only thing I can come up with is that pet owners do not have the means with which to do any meaningful investigations. We’d have to start with post mortem exams (money) and then investigate what Hartz says is in their products, find out what is REALLY in the products, then get a neutral party who understands all of these things to write up a report about it. And only then could some people create civil suits against the company (more money). And I know that Hartz spends whatever it takes on their lawyers.

    So, we do what we can. We post the stories here, maybe to prevent more problems. We talk to our friends. And vets! I reported two near-death experiences I had with nursing kittens using Hartz KMR products. I’m not sure the vet believed me, but I told her about this site and encouraged her to check it out. She had no explanation for the terrible sickness these tiny kitties had (and, I’m thankful, which they managed to survive).
    I still have three cans of that KMR, and I can’t in good conscience give it to anyone. I will probably be pouring it down the toilet (that stuff’s expensive!!) because I can’t let kittens use it. Haz mat removal, you know?

  2. Hartz flea and tic killer almost killed my peek a poo, he had developed a scab that took about 6 months to fall off, and no matter how many times he was bathed in Dawn soap, he was sick almost dead. The dawn soap bath actually saved his life, NEVER go for the Hartz flea and tic killer. I had always used the Frontline, but was broke that month, and thought I would save money…….well my dog almost died over it. My other dog (I have two) was okay. Its certain dogs and the chemicals are dangerous. ONLY USE the tic and flea chemical that your sure has fipronil.

  3. I just gave my Labrador that Chew N Clean bone and noticed that the plastic comes off and the edges are pretty sharp. This is a horrible toy and very dangerous!!!!! I am happy I noticed it right away. She already swallowed small pieces of the plastic but I hope she will be alright. Never again!!!!

  4. Gave our 22 lb terrier mix one of these and within a few hours noticed her yakking constantly, found the bone and at one end the plastic was chewed up with pieces missing probably in her stomach. These need to be pulled off the shelves immediately!!

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