Hartz should be banned immediately…

Resubmitting this post with a link to a youtube video we made of our pup pup 🙁




We posted the following to our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Funny-Spidy-Cat-Little-Man-and-our-life-with-the-humans/436729419718455?ref=hl


You know …… we lost our dog Tater at the end of October. We had had him for 6 years. He got sick late on a Saturday evening, he was just acting very tired and wouldn’t eat, but he’d drink water only to throw it up. I called the vet that Saturday about 5 minutes before they closed and told them he was being lathargic and wouldn’t eat, what could I do til I could get him there Monday morning. They told me to try and give him some bland chicken and rice, so I went to the store and got him the chicken and rice. I tried all that eve to get him to eat, but he wouldn’t, he would just lay there. Then that night when he’d try walking it was like his back legs were going limp. This was the first time in 6 years of having him that he had gotten sick so I was worried. I figured if things were not better by Sunday morning that I’d just find an emergency vet and find someone to take us, but it was too late, he passed away that Saturday night and into Sunday morn about 1am. I have never been so devastated at the loss of a pet as I was with him. I seen a facebook page a few weeks back called Hartz is killing our pets but hadn’t really looked much at it because of all the stuff we have been going thru lately…….but after thinking about it, I just realized that Robert had given Tater a bath the day before with Hartz flea shampoo and I started looking around today and after finding this website and reading the other stories and symptoms other peoples pets had, I now firmly believe this is what killed Tater. Because he was a house dog, he went outside to potty and back in so I knew that he hadn’t been outside to get into anything, he just wasn’t that type of dog, he would go out and do his biz and get right back inside with us because to us and himself he was human so he wanted to eat what we ate and go where we would go so he was always with us. Hell, we couldn’t even leave him in a room by hisself or he’d bark bark bark til you would come back in the room and tell him to come with you or pick him up 🙂 He expected to be where we were weather it was in the car going to the store, a road trip, the bedroom, bathroom, wherever, he NEVER let us out of his site. If we ever left the house without him to go shop or something we’d come back and he’d have tears in his eyes and act as if we had left him for years. And that entire day he never barked when we left him laying in a room for a minute alone, he just layed there. Plus I knew that I had not put any poisons or anything else out around the house inside or out. And the fact that he was absolutely fine and normal til the day after he got that bath with the Hartz flea shampoo. He got sick, was just tired and wouldn’t eat and in a matter of hours dead…….just like that. I don’t see how they can still have products for sale to the public, how could they, with so many pets sick or dead from their products. Just sickening…….. they should be banned. Please don’t use Hartz products on your pets AT ALL, I know I won’t!!!!!! R.I.P. Tater



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  1. aweeeeeeeeee 🙁
    we have been using Hartz flea & tick shampoo, not only is it not working, but our dog has had some seizures which we thought were caused by Febreze. Now we won’t use Hartz … we have 3 dogs and they all get a bath the same day .

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