Elise’s Collar..

Hello..and well I do think i should share this..

We knew all about Hartz and never used the Hatz  brand but my cat Elise has Major Flea issues and thought hum..Maybe a flea collar..Sure enough it worked great! the fleas are now gone..it’s two weeks into using the brand Sergents Flea collar in what tells you that it is able to be left on for six months!!! we had left it on for just two weeks and she now has SUPER Chemical burns!!!…It had taken her fur off and has gone a few flesh levels in…I feel horrible due to she LOVING necklaces..what was odd she never complained about the collar..it was not tight it was simply on her where she could just kick it off..not a peep out of her..My poor baby girl has been such a trooper since then..letting us doctor it and see how the progess is..



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