Crazy Pissed Off Cat

Yesterday we gave our cat Hartz flea and tick collar… (Having no idea this site existed). She was acting weird after we put it on her, running around the house scared then went to one of her hiding spots. Didn’t think anything of it until this morning when she peed in my bed. She has NEVER done that before, so I started looking up side effects and found this site. I immediately cut her collar off. Haven’t seen a change yet, going to give her time to calm down. I am in shock after reading all these posts…how are they still in the stores.

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  1. I am a supervisor I work nights 420pm to 220 am the big dogs on 1st shift that operate hartz hire only temps with no college degrees and assign them as line opperators who control the mixture of lethal chemicals into drop containers, half the time the shit is never the correct formula and then the quality inspectors are runnin around trying to correct everything but on my shift we r lucky to have one quality inspector on our shift….. 1st shift has `15 inspectors but my shift produces three times the amount of ready to ship merchandise than 1st that’s why animals die that use these products….. management is to cheap and money hungry to care about the animals that r using these products

  2. Same thing happened to my 2 year old cat Boss…I jus thought that he didn’t like the smell of it because he started meowing loudly and attempting to remove it himself and running around looking crazy and upset so I removed the Hartz flea collar and he was fine…Hartz needs to be taken off the shelves

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