Oreo is a tough cookie.

On Dec. 6th, 2012 I found a round worm in my shitzus fesces. I went to work and when I got home I decided to give her some Hartz Ultra Guard plus ridworm liquid. That evening she was fine. The next afternoon when we were watching tv, she tried to jump up to sit with us and she could not. she tried several times and still not able to. I tried to pick her up and she yelped at me and bit me cause it hurt her. I thought someone had come into my yard and hurt her. She layed down and went to sleep for a bit then she just stumbled around and stared at walls and things like she was seeing ghost. I thought she had nausea or had ate something bad. She is not able to leave yard, so that didnt make sense. We went to bed and she whined all night. She could not walk the next morning. We could not touch her. If we tried she backed up. She would not get up. Not eating or drinking much. Her eyes were goopy and small, she had fever, and pain. got on web and found this sight. I finally coaxed her into going outside to try to potty and pass this awful medicine. We was in the yard for 1 and 1/2 hours. She wanted to crawl off and lay down. I cried. Got a blanket and got her on it and we both picked her up with it and took her in. The vet was not open but someone told me if she got worse that they had the home number. We pushed food and water on her as much as we could and let her sleep like a baby. She would only eat very soft food. She couldn,t go to potty without going down a ramp. The stairs she used was impossible for her to do. Today she finally went to potty real big and is eating better. she is still tender and not jumping yet but she is better. I will never give an pet of mine another hartz product or even shampoo her in their products. Only natural products from now on. I am so glad that she is going to make it. She isn’t 100% but she is better and still with us.

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