I used the Hartz flea drops on our cats at 4:oo PM on 10-28-12.  Both cat and kitten died 5 hours later.  They started to shake, foam at the mouth, and have sever convulsion.  We took them to the vet immediately, he knew right away what was going on.  Apparently they get 30 pets a month because of Hartz.  I used the products properly.


Puff was an all white cat with green eyes.  She was very pretty.  She loved to chase moths around the house.  Her favorite spot was to either sleep on my mom or this green chair we have.  She was very protective of our family.  When tomcats came around, she’d have a fit.  Same with other dogs that came over.

Tree-Rat is one of three kittens our other cat Minnie had earlier this year.  He was all black, and just a big ball of fluff.  He was extremely playful and kind.  He’d come up and sleep with anyone.  We called him Tree Rat because he had a big fluffy tail like a Tree Rat(Squirrel)  When he’d stretch, his tail would go all the way up his back over his head.