We Love You Bruno

Three days ago we gave our pug Hartz flea and tick drops. A day later he couldn’t stand right and was really weak. We thought he was just tired. The next morning he was foaming at the mouth and twitching so we rushed him into the vets and they gave him medicine and he stopped. We went and visited him today,and at 7:30 he went into cardiac arrest and died. They confirmed that it was the Hartz. Also a in march we had Bruno and his brother Ziggy,we gave them both Hartz. Ziggy died then. Bruno got better fast. We are suing. R.I.P. Bruno and Ziggy. We love you! <3

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  1. My cat Bitz developed itchy bumps & boils shortly after I applied Hartz Ultra Guard OneSpot on April 18, 2012. She’s 17 yrs old, and has been an indoor-cat ONLY since 2006; however, she’d previously shown extreme allergic reaction to a single flea-bite in 2003. When the weather warmed-up early April, I open my windows (with double-screens), to allow fresh air into the house (and to allow both my cats to mash their little noses to the screens). Since late April 2012, my cat Bitz has been wearing a ‘princess crown’ (collar), to keep her from scratching & worrying at her wounds caused by HARTZ OneSpot. I’m on a limited, fixed income. CAN afford a simple Vet visit (if skimping on other basics like food/medicine) – but the county in which I live passed a law in late 2011, that ALL cats treated in a Vet’s office MUST be microchipped = at minimum fee of $120 per cat. Taking Bitz to a Vet was not an affordable option for me, in treating her for the POISONOUS application of Hartz OneSpot. I tried oral antihistamines (human – but knowledgeable pharmacist (cat-lover) helped me figure out which would be easier to cut into approved dosages (based on weight); the pharmacist didn’t know that Bitz licks her “treats”; didn’t know that Bitz BITES when something is shoved down her throat! THAT didn’t work. I tried cortisone cream; tried antihistamine cream; even tried my own arthritis cream… some helped for a day or three. DID FINALLY FIND SOMETHING THAT WORKED. WALGREEN’S ANTI-ITCH CLEAR. I had a squeeze tube in my medicine cabinet from 4 years ago – with Bitz still in her “princess collar”, I knew she couldn’t reach/scratch the damned Hartz-OneSpot-infected area – so I tried it. IT WORKED!!! I applied it to Bitz’ denuded & blistered nape & upper back the first time… and for the first time in 6 months, I wasn’t awakened several times in the night, by the noise of Bitz trying to scratch her wounds. Application every other evening – no more itching & scratching AT ALL. It’s been 4 weeks since I first used the Walgreen’s Anti-Itch stuff. Bitz’s fur on her upper back & nape is now growing back – so I took off her “princess collar” – and hoped against hope that she is finally over the Hartz plague. She IS. Yeah, she’s got a few itchy spots that she’s over-grooming (NONE where the Hartz One-Spot, nor the Anti-Itch was applied).. but who WOULDN’T have itchy spots, after being unable to scratch those itches for the last SEVEN months? Label on the Anti-Itch Walgreen’s cream says “Compare to Caladryl Clear” – also says “relieves pain and itching from poison ivy and oak sumac”.

  2. I’m just happy to find an affordable way to help my cat Bitz.

    I was the one responsible for Bitz – I was the one who purchased Hartz OneSpot – which caused months of pain and endless itching for Bitz.

    Bitz is now happy – playful – trying to re-establish her “realm”, when my younger cat seems to be in the way of the Queen.

    thank you! I’ve got my cat Bitzie back!

  3. i applaud you for suing. i hope you win and i sure as hell hope hartz will be taken off the market. its as if they WANT animals to die. pathetic.

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