Hartz flea and tick medication burned my dog’s skin

Hi, I used the Harz flea and tick topical medication on my dog, back in September. I went to brush his coat the next week, and a patch of hair came out. I then checked his skin and every were I had put the medication on his back clunks of hair came out. I took him to the Vet and they had to give him medication, and now his seems to be coming back slowly. I can’t believe that the would be marketed for use, when it is this strong and harms the dog.

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  1. I just recently put it on my dog and she has sores all over she’s white with pink skin and it was very noticeable very immediately I can’t afford a vet

  2. I’ve been using this and I was wondering why my dogs and getting sore and burn on him my Yorky is three years old and now I know

  3. My dog man getting sores and burns on him and he been having some kind of seizures now I know why from the shampoo that I’ve been using on him since I got him

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