DO NOT use SERGEANT’S EVOLVE on your pets

Our pets had never had fleas…went to Safeway and bought Sergeant’s Evolve for both dogs.  Witten is a 100+ lb Rottweiller with a heart of gold…and Mr. Stubbs is a 24 lb Shitzu with the sweetest face you’ve ever seen.  Within minutes the shitzu started acting weird…it didn’t register at first what could be causing it…I thought the fleas were just biting because of the medicine that we had just put on.  He was agitated and would not sit still…not even for a minute.  I got online and read that it may be an allergic reaction.  I rinsed it off of him with water.  He still wasn’t better…I stayed up with him all night and could only get him to settle down and stop moving if I pet him.  The minute I stopped petting him he would freak out again.  My husband got online and read that he needed to be washed with Dawn dishwasing liquid.  This helped improve him quite a bit…but still he wasn’t great.  I called the vet and they couldn’t see him but said to give him benedryl and call back in the morning.  The benedryl did at least help calm him but he started getting big welt like bumps under his skin that were hard, hot to the touch and red.  I took him to the vet this morning and they gave him a shot of something which seems to have helped a ton…but he still has welts.  This all started on Tuesday, Nov 6th, 2012 and it is now Friday night.  I thought the nightmare was beginning to subside and now I have discovered welts on my rottweiler that look like burn marks on the line where the medicine was placed.  I hadn’t even considered that this medicine was just completely poisonous for all dogs…I was thinking that my shitzu just had an allergic reaction…that is possible right?…well I do not think that it is a coincidence that my rottweiller is now suffering from the same affliction.  So I got online and started doing more research and find that there have been hundreds of complaints about these over the counter flea and tick medications…and not just the kind that I bought and administered to my dogs but collars, shampoos, etc. People’s dogs are dying from this stuff.  How is it possible that these companies can remain in business?  I have read that we all need to call and register a formal complaint with the EPA.  I will be doing that first thing in the morning and so will my husband.

After reading all of the stories from people and realizing that my dogs could now how liver damage I am even more furious!  I am going to post on facebook what this company has done and is doing to pets and their owners.  Please, Please, Please…if you have had the same experience…tell everyone you know, post on facebook and call the EPA to file a formal complaint.  The production of these products needs to be halted!!!!

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  1. That’s what we did! Our 8 cats died from it in one night we told stores people we didnt know post it on Facebook every website we knew of. We don’t even buy ANYTHING hartz anymore! Not even brushes we don’t support them at all. I hope they get taken down! Cause its total bullshit what they did to us! And everyone els!

  2. I had a bad experience with Sergeant’s flea and tick in a tube on my cat. It was mainly my fault. I did not have my reading glasses on and looked the tube over did not see if it was for a dog or cat, only saw a picture of a cat. I applied it that night. The next morning my husband and son noticed when they left for work the cat was just lying out in the sun. When they got home the cat had been laying in the same spot all day. His eyes were totally dilated and he could not stand up. I told them I had used a tube on him, so we found another one and my son looked it over and it had the picture of a cat, but had a slash thru it, meaning not to use on cats. My son washed him up. I called the company and they said he had to get to a vet. It was Saturday night, nothing was open, I left messages on several emergency numbers, no one called me back. The cat did not seem to be in any pain and purred when petted, his nervous system was just all messed up. We took turns holding hin for hours and using a dropper to feed him water. By the next morning he was improved and within a few days seemed back to normal. Sergent’s did call me to check on him and I told them he was our Miracle Cat. After reading information on the poison that is in the medication for dogs, it is different that what is in the cat medication. It can cause tumors and psychological problems, which my cat seems to suffer from mood swings. I continue to use the product, but am very careful now and I did not use it on that cat for almost a year. My lab does not seem to have any problems with the dog medication. I think they have put better labeling on the product now.

  3. We have had a very intense 36 hours with our little Roxie. Used the Evolve. Dear God why is this on the market? I am horrified – So is she!!

  4. It isn’t getting better. We can’t see our vet until tomorrow morning and the emergency care here is clueless! Dear heavens be aware of this!

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