I better not lose any more animals!!!

On 9/16 my cat had her 1st litter of kittens. She had 5, but the runt of the litter died 2 days later. On 10/22 one of the 3 kittens we had left started acting strange(whining, not nursing, real lethargic). My sister suggested maybe getting a bottle and some pet formula, so she’d atleast get some sort of nutrition. On 10/24 we woke up to find the kitten acting a little better(moving around, light back in her eyes, etc). So I went to wal-mart and bought a bottle w 2 cans of the hartz kitten formula. I came home, sterilized the bottle, and we tried to feed it to her. We didn’t get much into her… within 5 minutes of eating, what little bit she did, she went down heal FAST!! About 15-20 minutes later she died in my arms after seizing!! I thought nothing of the formula. I fed it to my cat, because it says that you can give it to nursing cats. This morning we woke to find that the only boy of the litter was acting strange(mewing loudly/painfully, limp like he couldn’t move, labored breathing, etc). At 3:10am he started mewing this extremely loud and painful sounding mew. I walked into my bedroom to see him try to sit up, only to fall over. At 3:15 he died in my arms!!! I hope to God that my cat and the other 2 kittens will be ok!!! Earlier today I bought the hartz ultraguard flea/tick drops for both my cats and dogs. I was a little worried about the way in which the dogs drops are applied, so I asked my aunt if she had used them before and if they were safe. She told me she doesn’t use hartz, because her vet told her never to use that brand and that I should look up reviews for it. So that is what I did. Not only have I found that the hartz milk replacement I bought is probably the cause of the kittens I’m losing for mo reason, but then found that the drops I had already applied, to 2 out 3 of my dogs and all 3 of my cats, were killing animals as well!!! Needless to say I ran around frantically scrubbing my animals down with baby wipes to get it off of them!!! I hope and pray I got it soon enough that it won’t harm them!! Upon thinking about it… the perfectly healthy pomeranian that went all weak/lethargic, wouldn’t eat/drink, was throwing up, and unltimately DIED… was given HARTZ worm tablets a few days to a week before that!!! ¬†Why in the hell are they able to sell this crap in stores if this is what it’s doing to the animals?!?!? I will NEVER use hartz ANYTHING again!!!!

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  1. No, please switch to PetAG KMR, from Petco or wherever. Please. Save what you have left. NEVER use Hartz. If they have fleas, then Frontline or whatever. NEVER EVER use Hartz. You can save them if you drop the Hartz KMR NOW! And no, Ultragaurd will kill them too. Please let me know if you save any of them.

  2. I had a kitten that died the exact same way after feeding it milk replacement. I never would have thought it could have been the product until now. I’m really glad I read this because I was just about to use Hartz flea & tick drops on my dog.

  3. So your aunt told you to read some reviews. You say you did but yet you cleaned your pets with baby wipes and not Dawn dish washing liquid?

  4. I had a kitten die from seizures after switching to hartz milk replacer last yr. Was the worse night seeing him seize and scream for 4 hrs. And rushing him to the vet as soon as they opened. There is no real milk in the formula and it causes blood sugar levels to shift too quickly in the poor babies systems. I had another kitten i raised later that same summer and used petsmarts kmr. I had no issues with their products.

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