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I will be looking into starting up a class action lawsuit against Hartz if anyone cares to join. I will update as soon as I find something out. If, by chance, 1 has already been started… someone PLEASE let me know how to go about taking part. I have lost 2 kittens and a pomeranian so far, because of hartz products!!! They need to be shut down!!!

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  1. I would be interested in participating in anything that will get these products off the market. I have one cat in the hospital and another they may end up there today all due to Hartz Plus Flea and Tick drops.
    What a horrid experience watching your beautiful cat tremor and seizure and fear of losing him.
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Kathy Gilmour

    1. Just had the same thing happen to my family cat , Put the collar on 3 hours later she was twitching and seizing rushed her to the hospital and they saved he but was horrible to watch! So pissed something has to be done about this Company . How can they be allowed to put something like this on the market !!

      1. Just tonight after a Hartz flea and tick collar’s had been on our cat Harley Quinn Davidson not even 2 days, my boyfriend noticed he was itching alot and noticed what looked like irritation and I immediately started taking it off realizing his neck looked like it was burned and because I knew nothing of the issues with the brand, I had no idea until I sent a picture to a friend tonight and she told me what it looked like and what Hartz products do, never again will we buy anything of that brand, and even though he is acting pretty normal right now he is getting watched over the next few days as we don’t have the money for our vet just to take him, but with hopeful thoughts that because caught it when did and by cleaning it and putting antibiotic on it, hopefully he still stays safe, our hearts go out to all who have lost and will join in getting justice back for our 4 legged family members, that kind of stuff just needs to STOP…

  2. I would love more information on any opportunity for a class action suit, We had to take our dog Banjo to the vet as a result of Hartz Flea and Tick drops as well.
    It disgusts/terrifies me that these products are still on the shelves!

  3. Definitely interested. I have been dealing with Hartz since April 2012. Hartz is stating my vet and pathologist are incorrect! Makes me ill when I see the product still on the shelves! NPI stated that as long as Hartz can keep the registration on the product and Hartz is making money, Hartz will not pull it from the shelves. Really sad pets are suffering and dying. I am not giving up! Please keep me informed.

  4. Rather than hoping and waiting for a class action against Hartz, why not go to your local small claims court and file a lawsuit? You don’t need a lawyer in small claims court — you represent yourself.

  5. Please contact me if you decide to do this. As I lost a beloved dog due to this product. If I had any inclination what so ever I would of NEVER used this product on her. We were going on a trip to my brothers in Steelville and I decided to use the Hartz flea drops on her neck as she is an indoor dog and I did not want her to get fleas or ticks while we were on his property, unfortunately none of us ever made the trip as she became very very sick. And we ended up at Webster Groves Animal Hospital in the middle of the night where they bathed her and claimed she was having a bad reaction to the flea drops I used on her neck. We brought her home and she passed away the nest day. Broke our family up. Absolutely gut wrenching… Literally makes me sick to my stomach, had I even known. Now when I see someone purchasing this product I speak up very quickly and repeat my story to them.
    SOMEONE: please take this product off of the shelves.

  6. It cost me $600 to save my two cats’ lives early this year. I am happy to help shut Hartz down. It blows my mind that they are still permitted to sell their poison to unsuspecting animal lovers!

  7. Please let me know about this. We had to have our cat put to sleep due to reactions to the flea medicine. My story is posted on here under toby may not make it and there was another one too cant remember what I named it though ๐Ÿ™

  8. My law firm (Climaco, Wilcox, Peca, Tarantino & Garofoli) is investigating harm to pets due to Hartz products. If you would like to share your information for our investigation please email me, Patrick Warner, at [email protected]. Thank you.

    1. Are you still in the investigation? It looks like it’s 7 years ago. My poor cat has suffered from Hartz flea collar with severe chemical burn and vomiting after wearing it for 2 weeks. Not sure if the investigation is still valid. I’d love to participate in a class action law suit against this company.

  9. Applied Hartz flea and tick product to my cat . He had severe vomiting, dehydration,unable to eat or drink. When we made an emergency visit to the vet we were told never to use Hartz ( it was also written on his chart )Hartz denies that their product was the cause

  10. For financial reasons I used a Hartz flea product on a new kitten. Shortly after I noticed the kitten was having a problem walking. I sat up with the kitten all night and watched her twitch and her eyes rolling. As soon as my vet’s office opened in the morning I rushed her down and she was given a shot of medication. When I looked at this poor wee animal I just felt sick realizing that I should have made sure she got the drops from the vet. They kept her overnight (my vet stayed with her)and luckily in the morning she was recovering. I would never ever use a Hartz product again and wish Walmart would stop selling them.

  11. Ok so treated all five of my dogs with sergent’s squeeze on flae and tick ( same company own both them and hartz). The GF’s cat got fleas some how so i was being preventive. The fleas would of been better! Two of my dogs became sick. My 13yr shepard vomited a few time and seems to be just fine. But my 3 yr old American Bull terrier is NOT! She has not been able to hold down and food or water for allmost 30 hrs. She is at the vet on IV’s with blod work and meds to help get her corrected. The er vet siad they see this stuff causing dogs and cats issuse often. My dog will be fine and expected to recover fully but it only took 900.00 worth of care to make that happen. I am on board if you get something started againnst Harzt. I will save all the medical records from this visit just in case they would be of any help to you.

  12. We have used Vectra 3d on our 25# dog since it came out. This is the best stuff available says our vet. However the dog got a MAJOR case of flee infestation this month and the vet says we must have applied it wrong. We had gone to the vets office and had one of their people administer the product to be sure we were doing this correctly. The vets assistant seemed not to know how to do it as she got the fluid all over her fur and not down to the skin as it is supposed to do.

    We had to tear out carpeting and this was a nightmare. The vet said that the only compensation “could be a 6 month supply of the product”. I feel real good about that!!!

    If there is a class actin suit against the manufacturer we would certainly like to be part of it. Trying to hide the fact that it is a Hartz product only aggrivates the situation further as Hartz should have been put out of business long ago.

  13. I bought this product on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 and irritated and burned my dog’s skinwhere I applied the product. I’m outraged and looking into joining on lawsuit. Please contact me at my email address: [email protected]. I will post this on my facebook wall to prevent others fron buying this deadly product!!!

  14. I used Hartz on my cat and she was sick for days. Lethargic, loss of appetite, vomiting. Fortunately it wasn’t too serious and she is okay now, but the more I’ve read about it the more I count myself lucky. I will not use any Hartz product again!


  16. We had similar issues with our two cats when we applied Hartz UltraGuard just before Thanksgiving this year (2012). We bought it at our local Publix super market and put it on them one evening. As soon as we applied it they both went into the other rooms of our condo. Normally at 9ish in the evening they are laying beside us on the sofa for their evening scratching while we watch TV. Not this time, we didn’t see them any more that night and thought perhaps the drops may have just upset them some as it was a new brand of drops we had used. When we went to look for the cats, Angel was under my bed and didn’t seem to want to come out. Bucky our other cat, was no where to be found. After searching around, my husband found her in my closet…She NEVER goes in my closet!!! Again, we just thought perhaps the new drops has stung them and they were not happy with us for applying these drops.

    The next morning I awoke to my bed jerking. I sat up to see Bucky our Siamese on the foot of my bed. She was jerking her head from side to side repeatedly. It starteled me to see her this way as she had never done this before. I got up and called to my husband to come and see how she was acting. We looked for our other cat, Angel, and she was under the bed again.

    When the cats came into the den to eat as they always do in the morning, they weren’t meowing (as they always do in the morning) to let us know their food dishes need food. Instead Bucky, who is ALWAYS very VOCAL about her food in the AM, just laid down in a big ball beside her dish. She didn’t eat and Angel didn’t either.

    After calling our vet to see what she thought, (she wasn’t available that early)…we watched the cats a bit longer, I went on the internet to see if I could find out more on what might be happening to our little ones. To my horror, I read all about the bad things that had happened to so many other peoples animals. I immediately told my husband that we had to try to wash this product off their heads to see if that helped.

    I was hesitant even to try this as I was afraid that I might get some of the product into their eyes and perhaps blind them.

    We washed the product off and watched them for another hour to see if they got better. They seemed to be better after the washing but now, after reading more about other peoples pets suffering some brain damage, we are VERY CONCERNED that perhaps we didn’t get them washed soon enough, and are watching constantly to see if they start to act different.

    HORRIBLE TO HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY and for our animals to have been put thru this. They are innocent and we are responsible for their good health. HARTZ SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF PRODUCING THIS PRODUCT (AND MANY OTHER OF THEIR PRODUCTS TOO) THAT THEY KNOW IS CAUSING THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN TO ANIMALS.

  17. My family would back this 100%. Our family dog, Teddy Bear, was unable to walk after a bath using Hartz dog shampoo. There is no way these products should be sold to consumers. Too many pets are being poisoned and killed because of a negligent company.

  18. i bought the hartz flea and tick a few days ago i applied on weds to my dog jasmine when done she was rolling around on floor and licking trying to get it off hasnt eaten since and is lifeless doesnt want to be petted also she is throwing up and has lost bladder control gave her a bath friday night with dishwashing liquid she seemed better but during the night she started throwing up again even worse there needs to be a big lawsuit on these ppl and anyone selling it i will be glad to join ur lawsuit or petition this company should be ashamed killing all these poor innocent pets and they know it LETS PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS THEY ARE PET KILLERS

  19. I bought a Hartz flea collar for my cat, Julie, at Walmart yesterday and put it on her about 3 pm. She just laid around all afternoon, sleeping deeply, which was odd. It was like she was a zombie. Finally my husband asked about the new flea collar and I made the connection between it and the way Julie was acting. I immediately cut the collar off and threw it away.

    This morning, she was in exactly the same spot as when we went to bed last night (odd, since she’s usually wandering all over the neighborhood at night). I bathed her this morning to wash off any flea collar residue that might be remaining. Now, about an hour later, she is drinking water and nibbling a bit of cat food…but still seems really out of it. No vomiting or seizures, thank goodness. But I will continue to watch her today. Hopefully she will continue to improve slowly. ๐Ÿ™

  20. I am so horrified at this moment. I was searching for answers to why as soon as I used Pet Armor on my kitties I noticed my little Lily was missing some fur around her tail. The next day more fur was missing. Anyway I found this site and all the aweful stories. Years back I adopted a beautiful angora kitten. She was the baby I always wanted. So I brought her home from shelter and she was full of fleas. Back then there wasn’t too many choices in pet products. Hartz was one of the major pet care Co. I am so upset typing this right now but I’m glad I found this site. Anyway, I brought my baby home and bathed her in Hartz flea shampoo. A couple of hours later she started foaming at the mouth. I wrapped her in a blanket and tried to comfort her. Finally it dawned on me so I rushed her to bathroom and rinsed her immedietly. Thought she would be fine. Then she started vomiting. Went in litter box and started crying really loud. I decided to take her outside and the poor baby cried, stop to try and move bowels. She was all over the yard trying to go and would stop and cry and try and go again. Nothing. Then she stopped walking. Rushed her to emergency pet hospital where she died in my arms. They said it was kennel cough. Now reading everyone elses horror stories I’m convinced that that disgusting Co. killed my baby. Very traumatising for me since I was so you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Daisy still after so many years. Thanks Hartz or should I say Hartless.

  21. I just have one more thing to say. Nothing or any amount of money will replace my Daisy and I just want other pet owners and pet lovers to be aware of Hartz aka Hartless products and to please Do Not use as much as a flea collar of theirs. Their animal killing products need to be taken off the market asap. And also if I remember correctly but don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure it was their flea collars were recalled years ago. If so, why are they still allowed to be able sell any of their disgusting products? In fact I sent my son for flea drops for my Oldde English Bulldog yesterday and he was going to buy the crap everyone is talking about. Thank GOD I stopped him and thank all of you for your info! We need to shut them down so that noone else has to go through what we all went through and save innocent pets lives.

  22. Please Do Not use this product. I applied the product to my puppy around 1pm @ 11pm my puppy was having seizures, couldn’t control her bladder. Temp dropped, breathing slowed and her eyes were dazzed as if she didn’t even know who I was. I rushed her to the ER. I told the our whole day and once I came to the part about the Hartz Flea and Tick drops they immediately rush her back for a bath. Thankfully my son was really watching and Playing with her because I was headed for bed. The Vet stated she wouldn’t have survived the night. Sooo thankful that I caught it in time. She is doing better now still alittle weak, but yet alive. This is a really horrible Product the ingredient should be removed “Phenothrine” Thats the killer right there.

  23. I am DEFINITELY interested. I’ve only just found out about this company’s products. None of my kittens died, but they had severe illness (close to death) because of the kitten milk replacer.

    I only documented what happened in a log on the computer. I have no photos or even witnesses. All I can do is to witness what happened to my animals. But if that’s useful to a lawsuit, I’m in.

    Most of all, I’d like to know what the component in the products is that causes these problems! I mean, it’s obvious that they have no quality control, but there is actually something wrong with these products – all of them! – and we need to find out what it is.

    I only have a few veterinarians that I have worked with whom I can talk to about this. That would be two regular vet practices and also a vet whom the shelter hires to come in and do spay/neuter occasionally. I have worked fairly closely with that vet; she is knowledgeable and willing to talk to me on a peer basis. I will tell her, in detail, what went wrong with my kittens and direct her to this site and some others in order to show her how widespread the problem seems to be. And I will ask her what would be required to find out what the poisonous ingredient is.

    If I make any progress on determining what ingredient is causing illness and death, I will of course publish that here.

    In Michigan, shelters are licensed – and inspected regularly – by the Department of Agriculture. I will be contacting them to discover whether they have had any complaints. Who else can I call or write? Any suggestions?

    Okay. To sum up: I will A) talk to a veterinarian about how to find the poison and B) inquire at Dept of Ag as to whether there have been any complaints about Hartz products. I’ll post back here again if I have any information to share.
    Alice J

  24. Hi all,

    Not looking to get in on the suit, but I will be trying to write to as many congressional representatives as possible as well as the EPA and FDA which are the relevant agencies that regulate these products. I have created a petition over on

    Please consider heading over there, signing it, and writing your detailed story in the comments. I want to print the petitions along with all the comments and prepare packages for submission to each of these agencies as well as as many congressional representatives as I can–but I need your help! Please take a few moments!!!

    If you’d like to contact me directly to set up a write in campaign, my email address is [email protected]

  25. I am so sad..on Dec 10th..I gave my sweet josie a bath in the hartz flea and tick shampoo..immediately afterwards she could not walk or catch her breath..we immediately called our vet..he had her on oxygen for 50 mins..we were transported her to another vet for a better oxygen procedure when she passed away in my arms..I am just finding this site. When she passed..bubbles came out of her little nostrils..I miss my sweet angel so much and am very upset about her death..I will do anything to get the word out about this product..this is just awful!!

  26. I would like to get in on this please my cat hasnt died yet but im so scared it’s heading that way I want something done I need help

  27. I just brought my cat home from the vets office. After $259 bill because of Hartz flea and tick product. I used the product on him yesterday and noticed after half an hour he was foaming at the mouth. I took him and started scrubbing the area with a damp cloth to get rid of the product, I was hoping the product wasn’t absorbed into the skin. He seems disoriented but was eating and drinking. At 4am in the morning I am rushing my kitten to the bath to soap and clean him because he was acting really weird, so at this point I knew to much of the product was absorbed. Today I had to rush him to the vet where he was given something to counteract the Hartz flea and tick poison. He now has to take muscle relaxers and I don’t know if he is going to make it. The Vet gives me hope but I am praying he isn’t brain damaged because of the product. This company shouldn’t sell collars not alone these products. God help them if they are pet owners. It’s not always about the almighty dollar. You are killing members of our family!!! Shame on you!

  28. You wont get far with a class action law suit. You might get lucky enough to get Hartz to pay your vet bills but that’s it. It won’t stop them from manufacturing thier poisons and having them stocked on our store shelves. The Government deems pets as a posession.
    IMO the best way to try and get something done to stop this would be to follow Stephanie’s advice. Go to the following website and sign the petition. The EPA and FDA are the agencies regulating these products.

  29. I am definitely interested! We used Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick collars on our two beloved cats in Nov 2011. Before too long they both went into horrendous seizures and after 96 hrs in the vet’s ICU, our male, Tigger, was gone, a horrible death. He’d had the collar on longer than Abby.. 2 weeks to her 1 week. It’s a miracle she survived. We are heart broken and determined to DO something about this atrocity that’s allowed to be sold as “safe”, yet it’s killing thousands and thousands of pets!! They should at least have to pay the $1200 vet bill! Our vet was infuriated and called Hartz’ toxicologist herself — TWICE! She even wrote a pretty sharp letter to Hartz for us to include with OUR packet of “evidence” and complaint/protest to Hartz.. no response at all, of course.

    QUESTION: Is there a statue of limitations for this type of thing, since Tigger died in Nov 2011.. over a year ago. So if possible, YES, we’d like to be a part of a class action suit.

  30. I would be interested in Joining if it isnt too late. My one of my Kittens were killed by the Hartz KMR, and the other three made very week, one fell to seizures. as soon as I swithched the Kitten formula to another brand they got better, Im glad the kittens didnt like eating the stuff, it was poison.

  31. I’d like to join after this product has made both of my cats very sick…seizures….salivation… Temperature…no good signs yet ๐Ÿ™

  32. I would love to get in on this class action suit. My beloved cat milo is going through seizures right cause this horrible HARTZ product was applied to him…we have washed him with soap and water and praying for the best.

  33. We should start with walmart,my poor puppy had to be put to sleep because we gave him a bath with hartz flea and tick, he spent a few days with the vet and came home, but he was blind and could barley walk. We tried for three days to get him to snap out of it but he wouldnt come out of it so we had to have him put to sleep. we contacted hartz and they want the bottle of shampoo and the bills,but i did talk with a lswyer and he said no.. but i don’t see any suit filed here so i will file my own, unless u can hook me up..
    todd snyder

  34. i lost my beloved Shadow to massive seizures on june 30, 2011
    just before taking her out for her morning stroll i put on a new hartz flea collar and the hartz drops as there were lots of ferrile cats where we lived and i didn’t want her to get fleas
    we went out back for her to do her business she went to the right went pee then to the left to her fav bush to do her poop when she was done i called her “Shadow time to go home” she turned looked at me then went down in a massive seizure
    i was mortified and didn’t know what was wrong
    before taking her to the vet i took off all her collars so she wouldn’t choke wrapped her in a blanket and off we went
    they didn’t know what was going on with her so they sedated her to calm her down
    several tests were done and he said she was healthy as an ox bright eyes nice gums good heart lungs liver kidney everything was good on her
    she was a gorgeous black lab
    after she was sedated for 2 hrs they decided to bring her out hoping the seizure had stopped
    as she was waking up i looked into her eyes and said “shadow don’t leave me i need u” within a minute she started seizing again and a scream came out of her so loud i started to cry again it seemed like she was in so much pain she just kept on screaming and screaming
    the vet said she was having a gran mal seizure again and there was no coming out of it so i told him to end her pain
    within minutes my best friend my companion for 9 yrs and my only heart had left me
    she was quiet never to hurt again but my heart was breaking into a million pieces
    i thought it was caused by the black mold in the apt i lived in but nothing showed in her lungs and i was stumped until i read these stories
    going from a healthy happy dog within an hr was in the vet then 5 hrs later was gone

  35. I too have fallen victim! I have the sweetest little 6mo old kitten named Esme. Yesterday, I purchased Hartz UltraGuard Plus drops for cats. I was very careful to place the meds right at the base of the skull between the shoulders. I think there was too much in the bottle as it started to drip down her back some and, of course, she immediately turned and licked at it. She almost immediately started drooling excessively and shaking her head really hard like she was trying to get rid of a bad taste. After frantically searching the web (as vet was already closed), I saw that this is pretty common and that I should bathe the stuff off her. Esme ended up with two baths and I went as far as to shove a soacked paper towel into her mouth to try to get the poison off her tounge.

    She was a little shocked and out of it which I felt was normal for awhile (what cat isn’t traumatized after two baths in a row). However, she is usually a prett frisky kitten at night and all she did was sleep. That is when I started to get worried. Last night, around 3:30 am she woke me up while moving closer to me. She purrs very loud when pet, but this time it was just a low hum and she was shivering off and on like she was cold. She also was constanty shaking her head really hard as if to get rid of something.

    This morning (Sunday) I started doing more research and that is when I found this website. I am HORRIFIED that this product is on the market. I am TERRIFIED that I have inadvertently caused serious harm to my kitten when I was trying to bring her relief!

    Today, Esme just looks like she isn’t at 100%. She is playing, but not as “frisky” as usual. I’m scared so I called the ER VET. I just got off the phone with them and they were very familiar with the Hartz brand and what it does to animals. She basically told me that the issues can progress and I should keep a close watch on Esme, but that if I see any seizures I should bring her in. I pray this doesn’t happen and may take her to her regular vet tomorrow anyway to have her blood checked out.

    This is a deplorable product and I hope a law suit is immenent in getting the company shut down ad the products off the shelves!

  36. I used Sergeants silver flea and tick spray. My dog Tug the Pug,Lost alot of his hair from his head to tail, skin was burned.He was dying! Add my name to any class action suit.Talked to the folks at Sergeants,They acted like it was no big deal.Told them to take the refund put it where the sun don’t shine. Worried about my dog not a refund!!! Pissed in Texas. My phone 325-893-2055 ask for Gus.

  37. You can put my name on any and every law suit against hartz! I have my two year old a bath using their flea shampoo and he has loss his hair and has sores all over his body! I’m am so mad because I do not have the money to take him to the vet right now. I hope they shut this place down for good and the “doctors” get what they deserve!!

  38. I used the flea and tick shampoo and my dog ended up with horrid looking red marks that looked like burns. They should be ashamed of themselves. If there is going to be a class action suit, I would love to be a part of it, I am steaming mad right now.

  39. Hello.

    We too just recently went through a very scary Pyrethrin toxicity reaction with my 7-year old tabby cat. Please contact me personally. I have writted a formal complaint to the Hartz Co. with all the medical records and vet costs that it took to save my cat. I’m really hoping they come through and listen to the consumers, since we are the ones that buy their products, un-knowingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please LIKE and SHARE the FACEBOOK page: We have no HARTZ

    Amanda Campos, RN, BSN, PHN
    Rochester, Minnesota
    [email protected]

  40. Victims, I hear you!!!!

    Iย’m reading your stories on and like you, Iย’m angry!! I also share in your frustration, hurt, pain, grief and sorrow.

    Thatย’s why I want to take action. Our law firm would like to hear from HARTZ victims who live in Houston, Harris County, Texas in particular. Also in surrounding counties such as Fort Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, Galveston, Wharton, Waller, Chambers, etc.

    We are looking into the expense, time and effort it would take to prepare, file and handle a class action civil lawsuit for the victims residing in Harris County against Hartz Mountain Corporation and Wal-Mart Corporation.

    Please contact me by mail or e-mail first.

    Ms. Jennifer Stanton
    Monks Law Firm
    4615 Southwest Freeway, Suite 520
    Houston, Texas 77027
    (832) 201-9020 DIRECT
    (713) 666-6657 Office
    (713) 661-5302 Fax
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Until we determine if we can handle such a large case, we cannot guarantee that we can help. However, we are making every effort to consult with other attorneys and law firms in our area to see all available options.

  41. I will join your class action lawsuit. Hartz Flea medicine made three of my cats very ill as well.
    Beth C.
    West Monroe, LA

  42. I was watching 3 kittens, all different ages (5 weeks, barely 2 weeks, 3 weeks)all from different places. I was using the Hartz Milk Replacement to feed them all. The youngest and the second youngest I had for 2 days. They were both fine, eating, playing, and pottying fine. The youngest was barely beginning to open eyes, he had an eye infection, which we got medicine for and within 30 minutes his eyes were better. He was so sweet and would come to the sound of my voice. Around midnight the second youngest wanted to run around and play, so I grabbed the youngest and layed him on me to keep him warm..Everytime I layed him on me he would pee all over me. When I finally went to bed, I woke up at 6 am and checked on him and he was fine, went back to sleep and woke up at 11 am and he was fine, went back to sleep and woke up at 2:33 pm and he was dead. I disposed of his body properly. Later that day is when I got the oldest kitten to keep the second youngest company. The next day, the second youngest was acting funny, which we considered as him mouring…he would just lay there and randomly have spurts of activity. Around 3 pm he puked formula all over my boyfriend, as my boyfriend and I were cleaning up the mess, the cat puked around 3 more times. And had loose stool. I called my mom and we both thought it was distemper, we had him put down so he didn’t have to suffer..the oldest we had given a shot to help fight distemper/prevent if incase he got it. He was very tired after getting the shot and slept the whole way home (about a 20 minute drive). When I got home I layed him in the bathroom with some formula and a blanket and had to leave for school. My mom who gets home around 6:30 pm was checking on him regularly, when I got out of school around 7:45 pm I called my mother to see how the kitten was doing. She said he was doing well but they had run to the store when I got home at 8:06 pm I went up stairs to get the kitten, when I walked into the bathroom he was laying on the bathroom rug, all 4 paws out, he head down laying in dried clumps of formula. When I went to touch him he hissed and moved as far away as he could, continuously hissing. I called my mom upstairs and she picked him up and he was just stuck in that position, shaking. He could barely move his head at all. She set him down and I wrapped him in a blanket and picked him up, every little movement he meowed in pain, he had spit coming out of his mouth, still shaking and not able to move out of the position. We knew he had to be put down so he didn’t suffer…
    The one thing the kittens had in common? Hartz Milk Replacer.


  44. I had the cutest two year old grey and white cat named Peanut. He was my little Besty, followed me everywhere I went. He was so awesome and had the cutest little spirit ever. I used (unknowingly) the Hartz drops that you put on their neck to kill fleas, and he started to get sicker and sicker I did not know what was wrong with him. I could not afford an expensive vet bill so I kept taking care of him and he got sicker and sicker, then when he was almost dying I rushed him to the vet. Then when we got there he had a seizure on the vets table, and died right there. It was the saddest thing ever. They wanted $300 which I did not have at the time to bury him. I had to carry my dead cat out of there and bury him myself in a friends yard, it was so aweful and sad. Sadder still is reading all of these posts and knowing he could still be with me, I do not think that a class action is enough, there should be criminal charges after reading all of these. None of these animals should have died.

  45. I lost my 6 yr. old Beagle in March right after giving him the Sentry Pro. Never thought of it as the problem til now. I got another Beagle in July, had her 3 weeks and put the leftover
    treatment on her.
    She died the next day from the same seizures.
    This is the first I had known about the problem.
    I just was going to put it on my 2 new Beagle pups and googled the treatment to see when it expired. There is no date on the boxes.
    I’ll definitely join in on any suit…..they were great dogs.
    Anywhere to write, let me know.
    [email protected]

  46. I would most certainly like Hartz flea drops and shampoo off the market.
    These people need to be shut down. I lost both of my cats with in a month of
    Using Hartz flea drops and Hartz flea shampoo. They were poisoned by these products and died a horrible death because of it. There was nothing that could be done.
    I lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago. Watched her die a slow painful death. Watching my cat friends dying they way they did because of this product that was suppose to help them was almost as bad.
    This has got to be STOPPED..

  47. i have experienced the same issues as all above , i am definetly going to find a lawyer for this, my dog is 2 and very healthly and now i really dont know if she will be ok.

  48. I’d like a class action suit and to shut them down. I had a 7 year old 120 pound Rottweiler that I put a flea collar on. After about a weak she developed a cough. Then sores around her neck the next week. A couple days later she just started drooling uncontrollably. She ended up having mini seizures for an hour or do then died. We had no idea what happened to her until reading all of the testimonials of otters using these products. I feel so guilty and want this company stopped. I would like to he included in anything to shut them down or educate people about the horrors of using their products

  49. I want to sign the class action lawsuit. I have a 5 year old chiweenie who didnt start having siezures till after Hartz Flea and tick shampoo was used on her when she was four years old. And now most recently she has had a severe siezure resulting in her not being able to use her back legs and going deaf as well as blind. When you call her name she doesnt respond back to when before she woul. When she had siezure she fell off bed and now she cant use her back legs and now she bends her neck and head to one side all the time especially when she is trying to move. So I would love to sign any class action lawsuit against these hartzless people.

  50. Update. The next my chiweenie gotten worst and my friend and boss told me that she has seen these signs before and that my chiweenie has brain damage. The very next night my chiweenie had another siezure this one causing her to bleed out of her eyes and for her neck and head to be more displaced. Early into the morning she let out a painful soul cryting yelp and started convulsing again and a few hours later she died. My hubby recorded it all for the law suit.

  51. You can count me in on this lawsuit!
    Last Saturday night I had given my pug some dental rawhide and within 24 hrs she had 3 seizures (she has never been sick before) I took her to the vet where she was checked out and her blood was tested..epilepsy and head injury were ruled out for the cause so the only underlying issue left had to of been something new that I may of gave her and the only thing was the rawhide..Tuesday was her only good day this week..Wednesday she lost all appetite,refused to drink and could barely walk..I took her to the vet again on Thursday where she suddenly came around and was her old crazy self again but I was given Valium just in case she had anymore seizures..Thursday night and Friday morning where the worst for her tiny body where within 12 hours she had over a dozen seizures (most with no break in between) I took her to the vet again where she was sedated and for 5 hours she got the most peaceful sleep..i took her home last night,she woke up a little dizzy but thought it was because of the sedation..she drank some water and we both went to sleep..sadly I woke up this morning and she didnt ๐Ÿ™ their products are pet killers!

  52. I put hartz ultra guard on my dog now he has kidney trouble it has cost me thousands dollors in meds and vet treatments and I have to fed him a special dog foods and they are trying to tell me their product is not harming my little one well I tell you he had no problems until I used that stuff I can stand by and watch them kill other animals they need to be put out of bus

  53. I am interested in knowing if anyone has notifed PETA or any other pet organization of these issues and deaths related to Hartz products? I just lost 4 out of 6 kittens by treating the mother cat with the flea and tic topical solution,
    even after bathing the mother and all of the babies in Dawn. I am absolutely livid!! I will do anything within my capabilities to get Hartz products off the shelves and stop killing our animals! If there is a lawyer located in NC that is willing to take on Hartz, or we can all join together to form a class action law suit. PLEASE let me know!! There is nothing more grueling than to hold these kittens in your arms and try to comfort them, until they take their last breath!!

  54. I am interested in the law suit. My cat died on 7/24/14 because of hartz flea collar. Please add me to your claim.

  55. I bought a Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Collar for my cat within 3 weeks he lost 30% of his body mass his vertebrates on this back stuck out from his body like the cheshire cat. in other words he was looking skeletal! within 8 weeks he was dead!

  56. My mother bought this stuff for her dog and she has lost all her hair on her lower back and has lost so much weight. Please get this crap out of the stores.

  57. The day before Easter I gave my dog a product called chew clean bend a bone. A product of Hartz supposed to have a bendable middle for more fun. As the package says
    My dog chewed all day.
    3 am Easter he wakes me up panting shaking vomiting and little puddles of diarea. Long story short. I had to rush him to an emergency vetinary hospital he was loaded with sharp pieces of plastic in his belly and intestine. Throwing up chunks of sharp plastic (shrapnel ) I call it. They had to do a continuous warm water solution flush for hours. Thank God that worked with no surgery. It cost me 1,250.00 without the surgery the pain my dog went through was awful. It’s been a week now since. He has made a full recovery but it was very scary. So I would be very interested in some kind of class action. ToAlbert at least get some or all my money back. And to stop Hartz from killing or almost killing other Dogs or Cats ..

  58. The day before Easter I gave my dog a product called chew clean bend a bone. A product of Hartz supposed to have a bendable middle for more fun. As the package says
    My dog chewed all day.
    3 am Easter he wakes me up panting shaking vomiting and little puddles of diarea. Long story short. I had to rush him to an emergency vetinary hospital he was loaded with sharp pieces of plastic in his belly and intestine. Throwing up chunks of sharp plastic (shrapnel ) I call it. They had to do a continuous warm water solution flush for hours. Thank God that worked with no surgery. It cost me 1,250.00 without the surgery the pain my dog went through was awful. Itโ€™s been a week now since. He has made a full recovery but it was very scary. So I would be very interested in some kind of class action. ToAlbert at least get some or all my money back. And to stop Hartz from killing or almost killing other Dogs or Cats

  59. I am currently working with a legal team here in Toronto to bring exposure to this issue. As an avid dog lover it is breaking my heart to hear these stories. I have advised a friend of mine to start gathering stories and reports from around Toronto and all Ontario for now. I believe the best way to facilitate this is through a facebook group where complainants could easily be contacted by the legal pro who will be providing the legal advice. For now, just need the complaints with a veterinary report documenting issues surrounding use of Hartz pet products. Keep an eye open for the facebook group to be posted. To be clear, I am collecting the info to present to the legal team for the assessment. Thanks

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