Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens Killed my kitten on 10/20/12

I had just gotten a new kitten, she was 6 weeks old. She was a healthy little ball of energy, very playful & loving. I decided to get the Milk replacement formula for her because she wasn’t interested in the other kitty Crunchy food I had for my other kitten. So I fed her the Formula mixed with water as described on the container at 9pm (10/19/12 Friday). She ate the formula. I went to sleep at 11Pm, woke up at 8am the following morning to find my kitten lifeless. I thought she was already dead. I seen that she had been throwing up throughout the night. I checked her & she was still breathing, she had a lifeless stare in her eyes so I rushed her to the Animal Hospital & the Vet told me she looked like she was poisoned because her upper body was paralyzed & her back feet were ok. He told me she wouldn’t survive. I then made the decision to euthanize the poor kitty to put her out of her Misery. We buried her in my backyard. R.I.P Lilah. If this formula wasn’t sold in stores today my kitty would still be here.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. All Hartz products should be banned in my mind, I have not bought any of their products an probably never will. If you ever need to give milk replacement again, go to Petco or Petsmart, an get KMR, I believe its goats milk, they even sell the bottles and nipples for both puppies, kittens and wildlife. They also have formula for puppies too.

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