Hartz One Spot for cats.

One year ago my 10 year old indoor only cat broke a screen and got outside. Since he was an indoor only cat I had never treated him for fleas, so when he came back home I decided that as a precaution I should treat him. I bought Hartz one spot for cats and kittens and used one dose on him. Very soon after this he started to get very sick. He was vomiting all the time, and was jaundiced. After a year long battle with liver failure, 2 lengthy hospitalizations, and thousands of dollars in vet bills it breaks my heart to say that he had to be put to sleep last month. I didn’t even think for one minute that a product sold for cats, could actually kill my cat, until desperate for answers I started doing research and came across so many sad stories like my own. I am so angry, and sad that my sweet boy had to suffer so terribly because I failed him as his protector. I wish that I would have researched before using this horrible product on him. You simply cannot trust that products are safe just because they are being sold in stores. Through my grief and guilt I hope that putting my story out there can save more cats from the terrible fate that met my beloved kitty, Jeter.

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