We have had a bad flea problem for a couple of weeks now, and have been trying desperately to keep the parasites off of our dog and two cats. We used hartz on all of the animals two days ago. This morning I rushed to the vet with one of our cats after I found her on the floor, unable to stand, laying in a clear fluid that she seemed to have vomited. By the time the vet saw her, her heart had stopped beating momentarily, and she was declared brain dead. She passed away just hours later, and our vet says the toxins in the shampoo did it to her. The other cat and dog were immediately bathed in regular shampoo, but this is outrageous that a product so toxic is being allowed on the shelves. It was not time for Miss Kitty to go, and all of our hearts are broken. I am mortified that something hasn’t been done about this product yet.

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