Another Distraught Family

Our beloved pet has just been buried in our backyard, thanks to the potent toxins contained in Hartz Ultra Guard.

Last week we noticed a bit of scratching so on my Saturday morning grocery trip, I picked up some Ultraguard. Saturday afternoon we gave her a bath. After that bath, we notice some strage behaviour, panting, mouth drouping, did not think much of it and figured she would shake it off in a few hours. Next day, she would not eat or drink. Breathing was labored. Sunday night I awoke to a mournful whimpering, labored breathing and a foul odor coming from our pet. Bladder control was absent.
The vet did not open until 8am but we were there at 7:45. I dropped her off and headed for work.

By 10, she had died.

We are shocked and I blame myself for using such a dangerous product without any researh. I mistakenly believed that since this produce was on a major supermarkets shelves, it had to be safe and effective.

I feel sick, looking out my window at a fresh pile of dirt in the backyard which is all that remains of what 3 days ago was a loving/loved member of the family.

How could I have allowed this to happen? I guess I was in to much of a damn hurry to be bothered with looking into the products I’m applying to our pet.

Shame on me. Shame on Hartz.

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  1. (Original Poster here) It’s been 24 hours since we buried our pet. I seem to be going through some level of depression. I feel guilty as heck since it was me who unknowing purchased Hartz Ultra-poison, bathed my pet it and watched her suffer a painful death.

    Many tears and an inability to focus on work today.

    It’s painful to go around the house picking up favorite toys, feeding bowls and bedding knowing that our furry family member will never use them again.

  2. Please don’t blame yourselves, but do report it to Hartz and the EPA. They will send you a sappy letter saying how after extensive research yours is a rare case. But they will have to report it. We have to keep spreading the word and making them accountable. So so sad. We lost our big cat Penny from a flea shampoo bath. Should never have happened

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you, though, for sharing your story – I’m constantly fighting fleas because I won’t use the chemical flea repellants – the other day I looked long and hard at some of the flea shampoos and considered them – and remembered the stories like yours – came home and sprinkled the borax on the carpet, and the scented baking soda mixed with diatomaceous earth on bedding, carpets, and dogs….after a bath with no-soap, none medicated shampoo. It takes constant vigilance and work, but the alternative, as you reminded me, is unacceptable.

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