Thank you for this! I hope I have saved Gidget

We have had a flea problem this year and treated my 6 year old lab with a Skip Flea and Tick bath and then Hartz Ultra Guard for 60lb + dogs.  A couple of hours later I noticed that she stumbled a bit and seemed a little gimpy in her rear legs.  I immediately thought it was a neurological reaction and came to look on the web.  Had no idea that this stuff was such a problem.  Can’t believe this is allowed to be on the market in nearly every discount / department store around.  I immediately bathed her in dish soap and rinsed,  drying with a towel.  She seems OK for now and I sure hope she is OK in the morning.  If this product were to kill my dog,  there would be a real problem on someone’s hands.

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  1. I wish I would have done research!!

    I have two sister cats, 2 years old, Frisky&Fluffy and a small chihuahua,Cleo. We noticed a flea problem a few days ago. We looked online and everywhere said to get advantage. I went to buy it and apparently its not allowed to be sold over the counter in Canada so I bought the ONLY other kind on the shelf.

    I decided I would do one animal at a time, confiding each animal to their own room as they like to lick each other clean.

    Frisky was the unfortunate victim, and I am just begging for her to be ok. I administered the HORRIBLE hartz product JUST as instructed and within 30 seconds she had ingested it.

    She tried to claw her mouth out then proceeded to freak out, then began to foam from the mouth. My husband kept trying to keep me from seeing it, as he knew I would become hysterical to see her in that condition, but I saw it, and I was just traumatized. She looked distraught and terrified, with a large bearded foam hanging from her mouth. She escaped from her confided room when we tried to retrieve her water bowl to try and get her to drink some. She ran around the house for 15 minutes with my husband and I trying to coax her to us. In that time she ingested it AGAIN, and the exact reaction happened, foam and all.

    FINALLY we got a hold of her, brought her to the bathroom, and my husband and I both held her down in the tub, pouring water mixed with dawn dish soap and rubbed her down for several minutes.

    She has not stopped licking herself since she got out of the bath (20 minutes ago) as she is SOAKED and is trying to clean herself, but she is not reacting to cleaning herself so I can only assume that its all off her? I hope she is ok, she seems fine, she has ate, drank, breathing’s normal.

    I will NEVER use anything of this brand again, and if I have anything to do with it, it will be off the shelves within 6 months! The fact of the related HORROR stories of the death of peoples family members is just disgusting. I am ashamed for not doing research, you just think what are on the shelves of your everyday Walmart are safe..I hope my kitty will be ok </3

  2. Gidget is doing fine. I really hope folks hear about this stuff before using it. The really sad thing about all of this? The fleas have built immunity to this stuff anyway. For all we went through, making my dog sick, the fleas persisted. The stuff doesn’t even kill fleas, just the dogs and cats you put it on.

    I am thinking that I may try the Comfortis oral treatment, but i will do my research first. I know other folks that say it is great, so, maybe that is the thing to use. In any case, Phenothrin is BAD NEWS. Don’t use it and as much as I hate to trash Hartz, as long as they have been in the business of helping folks with their pets, I have to say, don’t use their products. Highly irresponsible to keep this product on the market when the difference between a minimally effective dose and a potentially fatal dose is nearly impossible for the average pet owner to observe.

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