Let me tell you about my Charlie,  He is a Beagle/Miniature Schnauzer he is called a Schneagle, if you google this you can see what Charlie looks like.  He is a Wonderful Dog, Happy and has always been healthy.  About a year ago,  I noticed he had fleas.   He had been visiting my mom and she has 3 other dogs,  Sophia-Beagle, Kaiser-Jack Russell, and Ginger-Rat Terrier.  My mom said she would give them some flea medication.  She gave them all a flea bath using Hartz.  Later that evening while Charlie was back home he had a seizure.  I had never experienced this and it was terrifying.  I called the emergency vet and told her all that I knew, when I mentioned he had a flea bath, she asked if it had pyrethrins in it.   I had no idea what this was.  I told her I would find out.  Charlie came out of the seizure but went into another, meanwhile I found out the HARTZ flea bath had pyrethrins.  I called back the emergency vet she said give him a bath to wash off all of these  toxins off of him.  My friend and I gave Charlie a bath.   He seemed perfectly fine as soon as we washed him off.     My mom’s dogs Kaiser and Ginger were ok, Sophia was very sick.  My mom gave all of them a bath to wash the toxins off of them.   In the last year Charlie has had 2 more seizures,  I feel that the only reason he is having seizures is because he was poisoned by Hartz.  He was a perfectly healthy dog before this..  I posted my story on facebook and heard an overwhelming response from friends, I was shocked that this product is on the market.  I called Hartz and they told me the ratio is only about  10% of animals get sick from their products, I told her in my experience it was 50%, 2 of 4 dogs had reactions to their products.  They were uncaring. My fiance spoke to Wal-Mart where the Hartz products were bought they pulled it off of their shelves for a day..  I have spoken to about 6 different vet offices and they see this all of the time from Hartz products they said it is more dangerous to cats.  It is Shocking that a product that is dangerous to animals can even be on the market.  I had always thought Hartz had a good name.  I will never buy a Hartz product and will tell everyone I know.  Please if you care for you pet dont buy their products.  Charlie is a member of our family, we are responsible for his Heatlh and Happiness, Hartz doesnt care about his well being,  If they will not pull their product why is there is no warning lable on a product they know has serious ramifications. Why NOT?,

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