Pictures of animals, pets, and owners!

Hi, i’m making a video about the victims of Hartz. If you’re interested please email me pictures of your pets, of you and your pet together, children and kids playing with pets etc. The animals don not have to be just the victims of Hartz, but the pictures can be of any pet you currently own or any pet you have previously owned.

Please attatch:

The pet’s name:

Your name: (optional)

The pet’s age:

Pet’s age:

The product used on pet: (optional)

*If you could also send a short message along with the pictures (2-4 sentences) talking about your pet, the grief of the incident, your pets favorite things to do etc. All this would help alot.

My email is [email protected]

Please sign my petition at the link below:

I appreciate everyones support, please and thank you!

2 Replies to “Pictures of animals, pets, and owners!”

  1. I went online to review how well the products I bought might work since it was so cheap. I am glad I came across this website! My cat had been whining to go out doors, and he looked miserable in the house, so I let him outside. He came back with fleas and ticks. I thought Heartz Ultra Guard Pro, and Heartz Ultra Guard Flea/Tick Collar was the best, inexpensive solution for this. Now I know better. It has been about 2 hours, and he has not had any kind of abnormal reaction yet, but I do not want to take any risk after reading about this products reputation for killing pets. Unfortunately cheap is not always better when it comes to health.

  2. I got the sergeants silver squeeze on for cats today & needed around thrown away the box so I looked online for the instructions/directions & found this page I became terrified my God what horrific stories I’ve used hartz ultra guard plus spray,powder,& also have used hartz flea collar neither one are any good somebody please tell me what I need to use on my cat to get rid of these fleas

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