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I recently picked up a package of the Hartz flea and tick drops at a local grocery store. I have a 5 year old White German Shepherd who happens to be allergic to fleas. Normally, we buy Frontline through our vets office; however, with money currently being tight I was unable to get it for her most recent dose. I started to notice her skin irritation was getting worse and spotted a few fleas on her so I wanted to get rid of them asap to help her ease the pain with her allergies. Luckily, before I put it on her I decided to do a little research (wondering why it is soooo cheap). I am so glad that all you have shared your stories which have now prevented me from poisoning my dog. I will be returning it tomorrow and will spend a little more on her normal type. The money is worth forking out to keep her safe. Thanks again to all you and I am very sorry for all of your losses.

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  1. We have a low cost spay and neuter clinic that does single doses of Frontline for $10 maybe you have something similar in your area.

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