Toby may not make it

Our two cats had fleas so I bought Hartz Ultra Guard. That was the biggest mistake the next both of our healthycats were sick. First our cat started throwing up so I put him outside on the front porch to see what was going on. He got away from me and got under our wrap around porch. Normally after a few minutes I can bribe him to come out with something. This time was different so I got a flashlight and started looking. He was panting like a dog and foaming at the mouth. He was not able to walk to meormy kids which was unusual. My two kids and I tore part of our porch apart to drag him out. I rushed him to an emergency vet at midnight. $300dollars later we brought him home. The next morning when I found him he was hidingunder a bed I had to pull him out and he felt hot so I took him to another vet. He had a fever of 105 so they gave him sub Q fluids which he had also had the night before. This happened Friday and Saturday and here it is Monday and our poor Toby will not eat or drink I don’t know what to do I am going to call the vet as soon as they open but I cannot afford to keep taking him to a vet for something that should have madeĀ  him feel better instead of so sick. If I had known I would have never used this product on my cats. Luckily the other did not get as sick as Toby…


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  1. September 28, 2012
    Today has been the hardest day ever. Our beloved cat Toby had to be put to sleep today because of the Hartz UltraGuard flea and tick onespot had caused so much damage from the seizure, to a stroke, and the kidney failure…. We love and miss u Toby ):

  2. Last night I gave my 11 year old cat a bath using Hartz Ultra Gaurd Flea & Tick shampoo. I then left to run some errands and came back a few hours later. When I got back I couldn’t find the cat anywhere. I looked everywhere, under beds, behind everything I could think of.

    The next morning I finally found the little guy hiding. He seemed to be lethargic and wouldn’t eat any food. Worried, I called my vet and asked them if they heard of people having any problems with Hartz products. Sure enough, the lady said yes and wanted me to bring him down.

    I have no car so she told me to give him another bath using Dawn dish soap and if there was still problems I would need to get him there. I gave my furry friend a bath with Dawn and dried him off good. Now, he is eating again and everything seems fine at the moment.

    I will NEVER buy Hartz products again! Please, if you love your pets as much as I do, then spend the extra money on something that won’t harm your pet.

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