Hartz made my dog sick

We have a yorkipoo, Chloe, who we love dearly.  We never had a problem with fleas or ticks, but we were going on a trip to the mountains and wanted to be proactive.  My mom gave us Hartz 3 in 1 flea & tick drops for dogs under 15 pounds (Chloe is 12 pounds)  to try, so we tried it.

The day after we used the drops, Chloe wasn’t acting right.  She seemed withdrawn, then she started to have diarrhea, her eyes were runny and goopy.  She just wasn’t herself.  I figured she just had a cold or got into something and didn’t think twice about it being from the drops.

This past week we found a couple fleas on Chloe (this is about two months after the first application), so we decided to use the flea & tick drops again.  Wouldn’t you know, the exact same symptoms returned and lasted about four days – she was withdrawn, coughing a lot, her eyes were runny again and goopy, she had diarrhea for three days, and her appetite decreased.  Thankfully her symptoms resolved on their own, but we have an appointment with our vet this week just to have her checked out and to put her on a product that is recommended by our vet and known to be safe.

There is no way this was a coincidence, so I got on the computer and went to the Hartz site to contact them.  Guess what – their contact link didn’t work.  So then I did research and found this site.  I had NO idea there were issues with Hartz products!!!!  I believe wholeheartedly this product made our dog sick and I don’t know how it continues to be sold if there have been so many reported problems!

I only post this in an attept to share our story, spread the word, and prevent further harm to our beloved pets.

2 thoughts on “Hartz made my dog sick”

  1. Hello, The best way to get these dangerous products off the store shelves is to file a claim w/ Hartz [call the 800# on back of the product], file a claim w/ National Pesticide Center #800-858-7378 & to file a claim where the product was purchase from. All these claims will get filed with the EPA. I lost my pet chihuahua “Baby” to Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick shampoo. If anyone interested in read my sad story on the Hartz web site, its called “Baby’s short life”. I pray that these dangerous product get off the store’s shelf. I do not want another pet to get sick or die from this stuff. HARTZ IS HEARTLESS TO BE IGNORING THESE STORIES ON A WEB SITE CREATED FOR VICTIMS THAT USED THEIR PRODUCTS.

  2. I used hartz ultra plus flea and tick spray on my two Maltese and it made them lethargic and sick…gave them a bath and they’re much better

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