Hartz Ultra Guard Flea/Tick Drops Tumers All Over My Dog

I had started using the flea n tick drops from Hartz.. Little did I know that my dogs illness was coming from the product.. He was healthy till we started putting it on him. He now has huge tumors? all over him. Also where I applied the drops he has at least 6 more new bumps(tumors) going down his back bone where the drops were applied.

Now that I think about it he started feeling sick  when we started using the product  last year.He just didn’t want to go outside and run around. He doesn’t want to eat, he hides often and keeps getting huge tumors? or bumps all over his body and they break open and bleed.

These  people should be held accountable for these products. If it was humans getting all those problems they would pull it from the shelves. Our pets are humans to us…no different than abuse to animals, neglect your animal you get fined and they are taken away.. What is the difference with this product, we are killing our animals using the drops.. My dog suffers every day from this and there is nothing I can do for him. Something has to be done to save our pets from harmful products.. WE WOULD PULL IT OFF THE SHELVES IF IT WAS A HUMAN….

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  1. I am curious..so these tumors..you are SURE were caused by the product? He didn’t have them prior to using this horrible product? It could just be coincidence, but are you sure?

  2. Yes I am positive this started after we used the product. We were asked by my brother what we used for fleas on our dog. Now I wish we never told him to use the Hartz flea drops. His dog now has the same tumors all over his body and his dog was in perfect shape. Him and I both agree that our dogs never had this problem till we started using the drops. Both dogs having the same looking tumors after using the product.. not a coincident. We live in separate towns two totally different dog breeds. I gave him the drops to use and than he purchased more to continue the monthly doses.. both dogs having huge tumors that break open.. not just one or two bumps, my dog has them all over his body and going straight down his back exactly were I put the drops..I know more people that have the same problem with their dogs after using the product. Of coarse I shared my story and this site with them. It’s to bad my dog has to suffer like this and looks very unhealthy with these all over him.

  3. My dog got very sick over this past weekend.. We had to make make the choice to put him down so that he no longer was suffering. He knew he wasn’t going to make it. He now has gone into the woods to pass away and we can not find him.. now my dog is gone.. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making my dog suffer. I have been up since Friday with my dog trying to make him comfortable till today(Monday) So that I could do the right thing.. I can not find him and now he has passed away with no one at his side. If these animals were human and our children or our mothers and fathers YOU WOULD TAKE IT OFF THE SHELVES FROM THE STORES AND NOT SELL IT..to me my dog is human and now I no longer have him by my side…

  4. My dog sadly passed away shortly after writing his story on this site on September 17th..Kane died in October by himself in the woods.. Kane was a rescue dog..he was my best friend and was by my side every single day from the very first day I brought him home 3 years or so ago.. he had lost so much weight in two weeks, wouldn’t eat or drink and could not get the strength to stand up and go outside.. his tumors went from his neck right down his backbone where the drops were applied. The day he went outside and lay there waiting to die,, I sat next to him and cried saying Kane it’s okay to go but stay near the house where I can find you. I left his side and he left for the woods,, I searched all over and knew he was near laying waiting to die.. we did find him right where I knew he was.. this dog laid in pain and starving with tumors all over him from this product.. now I have no one by my side to walk or to talk to or to take rides with me in my car.. because I can never ever find another Kane like my Kane..

  5. Sandy,

    Your story has touched my heart. I know it has been a few years and I hope that you have healed and that you remember the good things about your Kane. <3

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