Puppy killers

My kids got a new puppy last week. I noticed afew worms so we bought Harts ultraguard plus rid worm. The next day the pup was has playful by that night she wouldnt eat or drink. My first thought was parvo. We made a vet appointment and went to the store to buy pedialyte, roughly a hour after getting home the puppy died in my wifes lap. Sadly our story doesnt end there. At the same time we also treated our 6 month old st. bernard. For 2 days we have been feeding him pedialyte with a suringe and praying he gets better. Please spend the extra $ for a safe product. Had I known then what I know now! Our four legged friends are worth it.

One thought on “Puppy killers”

  1. Has anyone contacted Walmart about these issues?I doubt they’ll keep stocking these items if so many customers keep having these problems.We might not be able to make headway with the manufacturer(yet)but if we hit them where they sell it..maybe we’ll make better headway.I’m going to forward this site to all4 of the local Walmarts and Walgreen where I have seen these products.As I see more locations where it is sold..I’ll keep forwarding this site to their corporate offices.

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