Rocky our dog & Sasse our cat

Several years ago my husband and I bought Hartz Flea drops for our dog and cat. We applied the drops to the back of their necks as indicated on the package. Afterwards our dog started throwing up, and our cat seemed to be twitching a lot. Rocky never recovered and continued throwing up. He lost half his body weight before we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. At the time for whatever reason we did not suspect it was the flea drops because Sasse improved after that day. However we reapplied a second dose to Sasse shortly after we put Rocky down. She immediately started twitching and acting very strange. I washed the medicatuion off as best I could but she continued to get worse. After a shrt while she seemed to go blind, banging into things and falluing down. I was very concerned for her at this point, but after a short while her sight seemed to come back.. She continued to be “twitchy”. By very early the next mroning Sasse started having seizures every 10 seconds. We rushed her to the animal hospital in Saskatoon and for the next week they struggled to stabilize her. She ended up having such bad seizures that she lost her vision. We spent a great deal of money to save her life and the vet that was in charge of her care along with the team of specialists that worked on Sasse determined that it was the flea medication that caused her illness. She was a healthy 1.5 year old cat prior to these drops being used on her. Sasse continued to have seizures
daily for the rest of her life. We had medication prescribed by her vet to help lessen the severity of them, but after some time the medication was not as effective. Her seizures started to become more severe and it was very hard to watch her have them when she would litterally be hitting walss and anything else that got in the way of her when she was having them. After 5 years of lovingly taking care of her, we made the difficult decision to put her to sleep as well. I wrote Hartz a letter, detailing her reaction to the medication they still sell. Hartz denied, despite me having the backing of the University of Saskatchewans Vet Hospital, any liability in her illness. I sent them al the documentation of Sasses’ care and diagnosis. They did not care and still do not care. I lost two beautiful animals because of their poison. I tell everyone I can and discourage people from buying their products. I work in a grocery store and have told people I see buying these products my story. Many have put those products down and not bought them because of my story. I will continue telling people and have no problems doing so. Shame on Hartz for continuing to sell products that are clearly harming and killing animals.

Almost killed our Jack Russell!

A few months ago we went to Wal-Mart and bought the Hartz ultraguard flea & tick drops for dogs. We waited until that night to apply it. When we applied it she was fine, and about 10 minutes later she started falling on the floor and staggering around everywhere. Almost like she was drunk. I quickly realized she was having a reaction to the medicine and picked her up and tried to calm her down. She then started to move her head in erratic circles, as if she couldn’t control it. Her eyes were glazed over also. I ran to the bathroom and bathed her as fast as I could! I didn’t know what else to do. I could barely hold her to wash her because she couldn’t stand up, and she kept falling in the water. After I washed her as good as I could, I wrapped her in a towel and sat in the bathroom floor with her. I was just hoping she wasn’t about to die! She continued to have convulsions for a few minutes, and then it finally stopped. She had 2 more after that but they were not as bad as the 1st one. We even tried calling Hartz customer service for some kind of advice while this was happening. We told them our dog was having an allergic reaction and she was acting like she was about to die. They acted like it was NOTHING! They put us on hold for about 15 minutes while the lady went and talked to her “manager”. After we waited on hold, she came back and told us to take her to the vet. That was it! I mean if I would have had that option I would have done it in the 1st place, but it was in the middle of the night so no vet was open, plus I live far away from the nearest vet. So our only option was to call them. I will NEVER EVER EVER use that stuff again! It is poison to the poor animals! And it almost killed our baby! Please do not EVER use these products! Try using Dawn dishwashing liquid. It is completely safe for animals and it also kills fleas and ticks. We have been using it ever since and it works very well!

We Were Lucky!

I have had first-hand experience with this but didn’t know until now what had happened.

I had noticed some fleas on my cat, Callie. I went to Walmart and got the Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea & tick house spray.  Following the instructions, I applied it to our floors, carpet and let it dry. The next day I called our vet and set up an appt. for Callie to be bathed and dipped for fleas, and figured the spray would work its magic on fleas already in the house.

When I picked her up from the vet, she was shivering and we thought it was from her being damp from the bath plus scared from being left alone all day.  I took her home, and a few hours later she began coughing and sneezing, laying huddled in a corner away from everyone and wouldn’t respond to petting, etc.
Her coughing and sneezing got worse, even to the point of waking us up at night. I thought it might be a cold, or allergies. She would barely eat and didn’t even ask for her treats.
By that time, Callie had taken to practically living on the top of my printer which was sitting right next to my chair. She did get better about coughing and sneezing, so I didn’t take her to the vet.
But, she refused to set foot on the carpet! She lay on my printer top until she had to go to the bathroom and she would mewl until I picked her up and carried her to the litter box and then carry her back to the printer. I had to put her food and water beside the printer so she would eat. She absolutely WOULD NOT SET a paw on the carpet and would jump as far as she could to get on furniture and off the floor.
She did this for over a month. Finally, she began venturing little at a time onto the carpet, hopping over the carpet as quickly as possible to get onto non-carpted areas. After about 6 weeks, she finally deemed the carpet safe to walk on, and has been fine ever since.
I wondered at the time if the spray had changed the texture of the carpet, etc. that would have made her react this way. I realize now, after the fact, that apparently the Hartz UltraGuard Plus ‘home’ spray for carpets and floors had been the culprit all along.
And I had just sprayed the carpet ONCE. I shudder to think of what might have happened had I followed up with another spraying a week after the first, as suggested on the bottle.
Callie seems fine, no apparent lingering after effects of this poison, and I believe it’s because SHE had the good sense to stay off the carpet. But it did cause her some awful discomfort with nasal congestion, wheezing, coughing and sneezing.
I’m not saying positively this was what caused her sickness, more like poisoning, but it’s the ONLY thing I had done differently. I’m so glad I saw this post or I would have used this poison again, trying to keep her comfortable and healthy, when in truth, I was poisoning her.
Please warn Pet Parents not to use Sargents or Hartz Flea & Tick- it can cause serious issues and even death.

Dog skin burned by Hartz

Three weeks ago, we bathed our dog just like normal.  The following day he started bleeding and it looked like he was burned by something.  We rushed him to the emergency vet clinic immediately.  They had never seen anything like it.  The burn kept spreading as the night progressed.  The following day my vet of 20 years asked my if I was using an over the counter flea product.  I trold him about the “like normal bath”  and he showed me pictures of three identical cases, at his office over this same time frame.   $3000.00 later my dog is recovering but SERIOUSLY……   My vet has called the FDA considering………

Tommy Dying on the floor

Man, I can’t believe this shit, SO F***N SAD. Try to do a good thing and help my little kitty get rid of his fleas, but then 2 hrs later, he’s peeing blood, shaking, vomitting, and salivating, HARTZ products, should never be used. Not until after i looked up his symptoms did i then discover, 1000’s of ppl have reported death after using it in thier animals. NOw they will only pay for the bloodwork. Hes getting putdown tomorrow..R.I.P Tommy.. ?

Why Are Hartz Products on the Shelves?

I have been really confused as to why our indoor cats have had a severely bad case of fleas recently. We have one adult female and two 4 month old males. Yesterday I purchased Hartz products to try to combat the problem. I bought the drops, spray, and powder. Last night, I applied only the drops the back of their necks. Within an hour, all three cats became completely lifeless, shivering, and acting very strange. The kittens are normally so lively that we barely can keep up with them. One of the male cats was laying on the back of couch, and when I turned back to look at him he had massive amounts of drool dripping from his mouth. I instantly knew something was not right with that medication. I put them in the bath and bathed them with Dawn lavender dish soap immediately. After all of this, I looked online to see if anyone else experienced these problems after applying this poison and was shocked to see the horrible stories. I was absolutely beside myself and felt so guilty for not checking the reviews prior to this purchase. Through the night, the cats slept the entire time without getting up for anything. This morning the smaller male kitten seems to be more active but the bigger male has not been himself and being very still for the most part. My adult cat is now hiding somewhere in the house which is also unlike her. I will never use another Hartz product again. I don’t understand how in the world this company can continue to sell these products? There should be a massive lawsuit against them! Is there something that we can all do to get this poison off the shelves??