Used Hartz drops on my rottweiler.she has been deathly sick untill I seen oter people having problems .gave her a bath She feels some better but still is some sick .Vet says it was the drops she never had any flea meds before but my Loky is never going to be the same .Why do companies hurt your family members ??????

Lucky Ones?

First I wanted to say sorry to those of you who losts your pets, or spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills to save your animal, So very sad.
Second, I believe I need to add another victim to the list, our dog Ryley. He is alive and well.., but think I now know the reason for his unknown illness/ behavior. I saw a posting of this site on Facebook and my mouth dropped! Our dog was treated with this product just a few weeks ago and not 48 hours later, began yipping, as if he was in pain, stopped eating, drinking and wouldn’t come out of his kennel. Being a weekend, I waited until Monday to call our local vet. After 45 mins of questions and a couple tests. The vet had no idea what was wrong, and told us he needed blood work, xrays and pain meds to keep him comfortable ..a grand total of around $800, this is just to possibly find out what’s wrong!! We LOVE our animals, but we have kids to feed and bills to pay, so we declined the tests and took him home. We tried everything that week, even fed him by hand, he would barely lift his head. I would hold his head and cry, telling him I was sorry, because we couldn’t fix it. I thought he was dying. On a very hot day, we decided putting him in our little pool to cool off was a good idea, maybe perk him up a bit, That same night, he started to come around. Eating again, barking, playing…He was his old self!
All I can figure is this product must have poisoned him. I’m not 100% positive, but what else could it be?
I know I will be telling my family and friends to stay away! Don’t take the chance! Pay the extra money and get flea treatment from a vet! It may save your pets life!

Miss Chloe ,Mya Jasmine & Princess Paige

I am so upset , Gave my cat Miss Chloe this product and she miscarried her litter of kittens within a week of the treatment , waiting and watching for any other side effects . Mya Jasmine is a 2 yr old lab mix and is having serious skin issues , Princess paige is a pug/ jack russel mix and about 12 yrs old , her seizures are getting worse and she has very bad hot spots on her entire body . I am so upset that this product is still being sold ,and that I didnt hear about any of this untill after i treated the animals with it 🙁

share story

Was site looking at stories and wanted to share. So here goes. Hope I did this right. I used to works at a vets office. We had cats that would come in all the time sick after their owners had used hartz products on them. We would put together these kitten/puppy cat/dog packets for new clients all the time; and one thing in there was a flyer against hartz meds. To my knowledge it isn’t FDA approved and they use ingredients that are toxic and were taken off shelves like 20 years ago; that arent supposed to be used. Who knows. All I know is the product kills and makes animals very ill.

from a friend of mine who is a vet tech…

from her facebook post…

Carla Hampton Frazier
about an hour ago ·
I don’t usually post negative comments about products, but I feel I need to share this info. One of our clients lost a dog last night due to an adverse reaction from a Hartz flea drop product. I had heard plenty of rumors about the stuff, but I don’t like to pass on rumors. She called me yesterday afternoon about the dog’s strange behavior. Our doctor was out, so I had to send her somewhere else. They were not able to save him. The vet’s office told her to file a claim with Hartz. Said they knew they would pay “because we have had to do it before.” This was a 4 month old collie/great pyranees mix, not a little teacup chihuahua. I have had people tell me before that of course I would recommend against using the over-the-counter products because I just want to sell what we carry. I really just have the animal’s best interest in mind.

Cat Had Seizures

I used Hartz on my cat Peanut because he was covered with fleas. A few minutes after I put it on I noticed that he was hiding, lethargic, and twitching. I washed it off as best I could and grabbed my natural herb book. Luckily I had everything needed for seizures and I dosed him quick. A little bit of that every half hour saved him but I will never use it again.

Some advice from a professional

So I’m a manager and technician at a vet clinic and have been hearing some horror stories like these from clients and decided to do some research and found this website. I am so disgusted by this product and am saddened that it is still on shelves. We are definitely warning clients against using any Hartz products and now will add Sergeant’s to the list. My advice for flea control is to use a liquid product with the active ingredient Fipronil; these would either be Frontline or Pet Armour, which is actually just a generic version of Frontline, and is sold at Wal-mart and Sam’s Club for pretty cheap. There is also a product called Comfortis, it’s active ingredient is spinosad. It is a pill form and does not treat for ticks and MUST be given with food. Unfortunately it is only sold through a vet’s office. The feline equivalent of Comfortis is a topical method called Assurity and is made by the same company. There are also good brands of flea/tick spray, such as Ovitrol and Adam’s products (we use these at work even on puppies and kittens). I would not waste time with flea collars, powders or shampoos, they usually don’t work that great if at all. If you keep your dog on heartworm prevention, you can also go with combination products. Trifexis is a pill form of heartworm prevention that also does intestinal worms and fleas. Revolution is a topical method that does heartworms, fleas, ticks and sarcoptic mange (a.k.a. scabies).  Your dog will need a heartworm test done first however before purchasing these products. Revolution also makes a topical formula for cats that does intestinal worms, fleas, ticks and ear mites and they do not need any prerequisite testing to get it. I hope this has been helpful and has shed some light on the situation. The maker’s of Hartz will eventually get what’s coming to them. As an animal professional, I feel it is my duty to educate as many people as possible about the ways to care for your pets, so please feel free to comment or leave questions on this post and I will do my best to answer them. My thoughts are with everyone and their beloved animals that we’re affected by this horrific line of  products.

Hartz ultra guard pro is poison.

I recently moved into my own apartment, taking my kitten with me.  My mom’s house was really damp and we were never able to stop the fleas, so I asked my bf to pick up some flea drops on the way home so we wouldn’t have an infestation here too.  As soon as I put the product on I could tell something was not right, she just seemed depressed.  A few hours later I noticed the back leg twitchs that were so violent I was worried she was going to break her foot or something, along with shaking, not eating, and weird breathing.  I didn’t know what to do, until I started reading other stories and these things can NOT be a coincidence.  I bathed her as best as I could and once she started to dry she became more normal right away, rubbing against me and eating some wet food that was left out (not normal that she would have left that there in the first place).  I hope she will not have long term side effects and I will be spreading the word about how dangerous this is, how is it even possible to have thousands of deaths and this not be a well known thing?    I can not believe a product meant to help animals is knowingly hurting them and not taking steps to change whatever is in them.  Oh, and by the way, i’m pretty sure not even one flea died in this process.