Baby’s short life

I  got a 7 month old black female chihuahua mix from the Arizona pound on Aug,22nd. She was named Baby. I notice she had some ticks in her ears & between her toes on Aug,25th Saturday . I purchase Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick shampoo & washed  her 7pm that day according to directions. The next Sunday  morning Baby was twitching on & off. 3am Monday morning Baby was crying. While waiting til 7am to leave for the vet, Baby would cry, tremble & hold her head up high on & off. At the vet’s office, Baby had a seisure. Baby stayed at the vets til 5pm that Monday, while they observed, gave IV fluilds & meds. Vet said Baby was experiencing neurological problems that could be due to using the Hartz shampoo. Vet thought Baby was doing better so I could pick her up & to observe her. Later that night at 7:30pm Baby started to tremble , cry some & hold her head high again. The vet said to give her pain & muscel relaxor meds. Bring her to a 24 hour vet if necessary or to  them tomorrow morning. Baby was sleeping on a blanket on my bed so I could observe her. At 3am I notice Baby’s legs seemed to be paraylized & she looked to be suffering. My husband & I decided to bring her to 24 hour vet to put her asleep. We did not has thousands of dollars to spend on vet hospital care to see if she could survive this. I was so heart broken! Such a sweet dog & to have her for only 5 days just because I used that Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick shampoo.  I hope no one else experience this terrible ordeal with their beloved pet.

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  1. Thank you for posting your sad experience. I would rather have the bugs than to have my pets harmed by that stuff…. 🙁 I hope that things are going well for you and that maybe you have a new dog?

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