a week ago today we had to put our six year old Yorkie down, she had been in perfect health until I put hartz ultra guard  flea and tick drops on her. she refused to eat or drink, we took her to the vet  they said that it was a sever reaction to the drops.  over the next few days she got increasingly worse she couldn’t stand on her own and she started to get purple spots all over her body. we took her back to the vet they drew blood  and sent it out to a lab. the following day early in the morning I got a call to call the vet right away. what they told me was that Maranda was severely anemic that her immune system was destroying red blood cell and platelets they call another vet in town to get a second opinion and even called Hartz to ask for emergency help( from hartz no response ). we were told by our vet that our dog was slowly bleeding out that they could do a blood transfusion but that would not stop what had been started. after a long talk with my wife and two children we decided to put her down. it was the hardest decision that i have had to make in my life. My wife has cried everyday since….. we are looking for someway to get the word out there to everyone. get on a news show.. make a difference but lawyers will not help the law sees pest as property and nothing else. but to us who have them as part of our lives they are much more they are family and watching a four legged child suffer and die hurts just as much as loosing a two legged child

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  1. I am very sorry that you lost your little Yorkie. My pug dog LuLu is in the animal hospital now. I used Hartz Flea and Tick Ultraguard on August 29, 2012. My dog became very ill quickly, she stop eating and drinking, became very lethargic.Her breathing has been labored. The first tests the vet ran yesterday showed she was anemic and that her red blood cells are decreased and her white blood cells have increased. She is on an IV antibiotics and they are going to do some more blood work this afternoon. Anything you can tell me the vet did or didn’t do would be helpful to try and save my dog’s life. I can’t believe this has happened. All I tried to do was to get rid of a few fleas. Please help if you can. Thank you, Donna

  2. Donna can you please call us ….my wife would like to talk to you.614-373-3611 this is my cell call anytime.. the sooner the better

  3. While all of these stories seem heart wrenching, I doubt they are all because of flea products, some dogs are unhealthy to begin with. Someone suggested using only frontline from now on….frontline has death complaints too! Any time you put toxins on a dog, you are supposing they won’t react to it, but some do. Every vet tells you to use a flea product and they scoff at my Avon skin so soft, but it works. Every time I go to the vet, the technicians make a big deal out of vaccines. I don’t vaccinate anymore, vaccines are toxic too and many people think they cause cancer in dogs. Here is how to deal with fleas: take your carpet up and sweep and mop often. Wash your dogs with any shampoo and leave it on for 5-10 mins, any shampoo will kill the fleas. Rinse with skin so soft (I use a cap full in my kitchen sink, adjust for larger quantity of water)or use it in a spray bottle, they smell like it for the first day and then not so much. Apply as often as you want, it’s not toxic, but every 4-5 days works for me. Take responsibility for what you are putting on your dog and in its mouth. Heartworm prevention is toxic too, but I have to use it half of the year in Florida, otherwise my dogs would get heartworm disease. Good luck!

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