My dog almost died

I gave my dog a bath with Sergeant’s Skip-Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs. She started throwing up and having bowel movements and foaming at the mouth. She then started having a siezure lossing control of her kidneys and bowels. I sit and held her head to keep her from drowning on her own vomit and rubbed her foaming mouth with a wet wash rag. I did not read the label on this shampoo but I will now read all labels. It saids to keep out of reach of children. On back it saids hazards to humans and domestic animals. Me and my husband let her outside and sit with her and she took off walking up the hill and away from us. She would not come when we called. I came in to look on the computer to see what could be wrong with her and found this site. Me and my husband went out looking for her after I read that a vet had said to wash them in Dawn dish washing liquid and to rinse them good. We found her and brought her in and I got in the shower with her and washed her in dawn and rinsed and rinsed her. She is now laying in the floor by my husband. I hope and pray she will be alright. I have called a vets pager three times and have not received one call from them. She has not thrown up any more and seems calm. I pray she will not have any side effects from this. All shampoo has been thrown away. I will only give my dog a bath in dawn from now on and will try a home item for the fleas. They say to put make a few slices in a orange and rub it all over the dog outside because the fleas will jump off of it. Also to only use a leather collar and soak it in the orange juice and to repeat this when needed. Also when you let your dog out and as soon as it comes back in to use a lent roller and it will remove the fleas and ticks. I will try this but never anymore flea and tick medicine. All of these should be banned. It is killing our pets. Molly is my dogs name and I love her very much. She is part of our large family and loved very much by all of us. She has now walked over to me and is setting by my feet while I type this message. Please everyone pray she will be alright and that they will take this stuff off of the market.

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  1. Please report this to Hartz and the EPA they will want to know product numbers if you can find it. My cat died from the shampoo and drops the other two cats were fine but I don’t like 1:3 odds. They sent me alerted saying it could not have been their product. The squeaky wheel gets greased. Tell, tell tell. Hope Mly will be ok let us know.

  2. Hartz products do not work, I have used their flea products and the fleas never went away and when I told my Vet what I used they told me to throw it away because they are toxic to dogs.

  3. well i went and got hartz ultra guard pro and put it on my dog and now she wont eat drink and cant stand or walk and also is like in a daze and all hartz company can say is they are sorry well sorry wont make my dog not die i will never by anything that has to do with hartz anymore

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