My Poor Cat

I have a 6 month old female tabby kitten. I noticed that she had flea’s so I went to my nearest walmart to by flea treatment as I can’t afford to go to a vet. I read the box and found the right flea treatment. I put it on her as soon as I got home and didnt notice anything for a couple days other then her scratching at her neck, which i thought was due to the fleas. Then after about 3 days of her scratching I was petting her and noticed that a clump of fur fell off her neck into my hand. I took off her collar and was shocked  with what i found. My poor cat had a giant sore that was about 1 .5 inches wide by 4 inches long, that was oozing puss and blood. I cleaned it immediatly and put polysporin on it. I then got my boyfriend to look online for me to check out some reviews on the project and thats when we came across this site. I am completely disgusted that this product is even allowed to be sold in a store at all. It has been around since the 80’s and so has the horrible track record of animals getting sick and even some dying.  This is not okay… our animals should not have to suffer so that a company can make a quick buck. I will never use a Hartz product again.

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  1. Don’t ever give your pets Hartz flea products! It is not safe. Also, Hartz dog treats… from China, under investigation.

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