Flea and Tick medicine killed my dog

I bought a 12 week old boxer puppy and gave the puppy flea and tick medicine to my dog per instructions. Less than 24 hours later he was having seizures and twitching. I owned this dog for 10 days and had to put him down. I have JUST not been informed about this complications this medicine can cause… HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS?????

2 thoughts on “Flea and Tick medicine killed my dog”

  1. My vet told me the fleas and ticks actually live underneath these Hartz collars. I have never bought a Hartz product in my life, and I never would. If you want a healthy pet FRONTLINE PLUS is all you need. If you can’t afford it you shouldn’t have an animal. Don’t make them suffer anymore. Cheaper is NOT better. as you can see.

  2. Don’t believe you are suppose to use this product on puppies that young, 12 weeks and under as I read on the label? i have used the same product and had no issues. Fleas were dead, problem resolved. Didn’t kill my dog, or make her puke or make her hair fall out. Not sure what the poster above believes is so much better about Frontline? There are always people like this on the internet who make extreme claims with a broad brush stroke.

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