My Cousins Cat

My cousin had a gorgeous black tiger cat. They had used Hartz flea control on him because another house-cat of theirs goes outside. They put the flea medicine on him while he was laying down. He sleeps a lot as normal and about two hours later they went to feed him. He wasn’t moving when they got the food out. My cousin went to pet him and he was completely cold. He had died within the two hours they put the flea medicine on him. He was a healthy cat, no health issues. We all strongly believe it was the Hartz medicine.

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  1. Hi, Saddly today Aug,28th, I had to put my black chihauhau “Baby” to sleep just because I use Hartz Ulta Gaurd Flea & Tick shampoo. 12 hours after use she started to twitch-head & ears. 3am the next morning she was crying & holding her head up high on & off til I took her to the vet at 7:30am that same morning. While the vet examine her, Baby had a seizure. Vet kept her til 5pm to give her IV fluids, meds, testing & to observe her. Vet said Baby seem to be doing better that I could take her home. later that nite about 7:30pm. Baby started with the crying, holding her head high & trembling on & off. The vet said to give her meds for pain & the trembling,wait it out til tomorrow morning or take Baby to a 24 hour vet. Baby slept on a blanket next to me so I could observe her. She stop crying & was just trembling on & off. At 3am Baby was partial paraylized & was suffering. My husband & I took Baby to 24 hour vet and put her asleep. In less than 2 & half days after using this shampoo my dog’s life/health was distroyed. It is not worth anybody’s pet’s life to use this product or simular ones.

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